Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Feds Charge 8 in California With Distributing Homemade Guns- 230 Seized

Stupid sonsabitches, this is exactly the kind of shit that drives anti gun legislation and you can bet your ass that some fuckhead legislator like Feinstein is going to come right the fuck out with a law banning the sales of 80% Lowers because of this one incident, you watch.

This idiocy pisses me off.

Feds Charge 8 in California With Distributing Homemade Guns


Eight men were charged Thursday with making and distributing dozens of firearms, many of them assault-style weapons illegally equipped with silencers, in what federal officials are calling one of the biggest takedowns in California's Central Valley.
Undercover agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives purchased or seized more than 230 firearms and silencers. Many are known as "ghost guns" because they lack serial numbers and can be sold without background checks or transfer documents.
"Firearms trafficking such as that alleged in this indictment is one of the primary sources of crime guns found on the streets, and the manufacture of untraceable, unserialized firearms hampers criminal investigations, putting the public at greater risk," U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner said at a news conference. "High-capacity assault rifles, with silencers but without serial numbers, are some of the most lethal weapons that criminals can get their hands on."
The charges include dealing in firearms without a license, unlawfully manufacturing firearms, possession of silencers, short-barreled rifles and firearms lacking serial numbers, and conspiracy. Three of the eight face separate drug charges, which Wagner said shows a connection between gun and narcotics trafficking.
Among those named in the 70-count indictment David Bennett, 27, a former probationary correctional officer with the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department.

"....the group ramped up its manufacture of the weapons after undercover agents first contacted them in February. Handguns were also purchased or seized. Wagner said he can't recall as many guns being seized in one operation in his 20 years as a federal prosecutor."

The dumb bastards got greedy on top of being stupid.
Not a good combination if you value your freedom.

You wait, Feinstein or some other Grandstanding motherfucker down there will have a bill on the floor by next week because of this.



Sixbears said...

Any good garage tinkerer can crank out firearms. A skilled machinist can make some darn fine ones. Everything those bozos did was already illegal. More laws are not needed.

idahobob said...

I'll just bet you that this was FBI financed.


Anonymous said...

What this proves:
1. Anyone can make firearms.
2. The news media are a bunch of liars, even when they aren't just being willfully stupid.
3. Passing new laws does nothing to stop people from breaking existing laws.
4. Most dumbasses that the FBI catch were not breaking any laws until the FBI talked them into it. Tell me again why we have an FBI.
5. They totally overlooked the connection between guns and food. All of these perps used food on a daily basis. That needs to be looked into. And cars. I'll bet you they had smart phones too. There is a connection there.
6. You could reduce the number of crimes like this committed by overturning the laws that make making guns and silences illegal/regulated. It's just commerce. Let people do it.

commoncents said...

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Phil said...

Done, left sidebar. The other side is getting way too long.
It updates every time you post something.

ASM826 said...

+1 for Sixbears

Glen Filthie said...

Bozos or not, the gun grabbers are coming anyways. And the likes of Feinstein aren't fit to make laws for anyone.

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