Saturday, September 12, 2015

What A Pain In The Ass

We went on a day trip to Bend Ore today and did some tourist stuff.
Me, the wife, one kid and both her sisters. One of her sisters drove. I was behind her and was pressing the floor board looking for the brakes going both ways.
She tends to follow people a little closer than I do, I'll just leave it at that.
We had a decent time, it was hot as fuck over there and it was tourist season so the little shops and the sidewalks were pretty full.
We had a very late lunch and started back later than we wanted, it got dark before we hit Mt. Hood. You have to go over Mt. Hood to get there and it's kind of a winding road with lot's of corners, hills and trees on both sides so at night it's like driving in a tunnel.

We made it back to Government Camp which is pretty much the high spot and pulled into a rest area so folks could take a leak.
I had been taking some nice pictures of the mountains coming back with the sun setting behind them but the battery was going dead on my phone so I shut it off before we got there.

Everyone piled back in and we went another fifteen or so miles and dropped the other sister off. My wife decided to get in the front seat so I got out to let her out.
When I went to get back in I noticed my phone wasn't sticking out of my pocket, I must have had it on the seat between my legs. It wasn't on the ground or in the car either.

I'll be a motherfucker, it must have dropped out at the rest stop.
The battery was almost dead and it was off, I'm hoping my sister in law backed over the fucking thing and killed it dead.
Of course, that means here we go with the fun stuff. The wife has another phone, which is good, I hated that other sonofabitch because I couldn't hear it ring unless I put an aftermarket ring tone to someones name.
Couldn't hear people talking on it half the time either.

The bad part is that it had over a hundred pictures on it from our vacation that I hadn't gotten around to downloading, not to mention every fucking phone number for everybody I know that are now gone.

Most I can replace, some are gone forever because I have friends I don't see very often who have moved a couple of times since I got that phone.
Why no, I didn't write them down, thanks for asking.

Fuck, me, running.

So, now the wife has to go down and get the old phone deactivated, this one activated and then I get to spend all fucking day tomorrow calling people and getting phone numbers from them.
I am just so looking forward to that.
Even better, the old one had the Android operating system and this one is Windows based so I get to learn how all that shit works too.

Ya know, I can remember a time when I had never even heard of a fucking cell phone and I don't recall being especially unhappy that I wasn't available to everyone and their brother 24/7 at a moments notice.

Funny that.


  1. We live in the land beyond cell phone signals. Only use ours when traveling. We tell people over and over again that they have to use the land line to reach us. No matter every time we come back into range there's a pile of phone messages from people. That can be a pain as some are important, but over all, it's nice to not be available 24/7.

  2. You can unless using a minutes based card, generally set your phone to back up all data (phone numbers and such, even pictures if you wish) won't help what has happened, but it can help in the future....

  3. Damn, life is tough in the modern world, ain't it?


  4. When I travel, I take a camera, not a fucking cell phone.


  5. I'm thinking exactly the same whenever mine discombobulates (and I don't need it further for jobs).

    I turn it off lots of days and only listen to its messages when I want to lots of time.


    Hope you get it all resolved successfully ASAP.

    Love you!

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