Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Town Of Liberty NY On Trial For Violating Man's First Amendment Rights By Arresting Him For Writing Curse Words On Speeding Ticket

You couldn't make this shit up if you tried.

Even better?
The Prosecutor is liable!!

That just gives me a huge warm fuzzy!


Judge: Arrest for cursing on ticket is a rights violation


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — A village named Liberty must stand trial for arresting a man who wrote curse words on a speeding ticket and a prosecutor is liable for violating his First Amendment rights, a judge has decided.
U.S. District Judge Cathy Seibel in White Plains ruled last week that Willian Barboza's rights were violated when the Fairfield County, Connecticut, resident was arrested on an aggravated-harassment charge three years ago. The New York Civil Liberties Union publicized a transcript of the proceeding Tuesday.
Barboza protested his speeding ticket by writing three curse words on his payment form. He also replaced the village's name, Liberty, with "Tyranny."
The village, 100 miles northwest of New York City, refused to let him pay by mail after one of its clerks, who were all women, told a local judge his profane phrase, which referred to them as "bitches," upset and alarmed them, according to court records. The judge referred Barboza's speeding payment form to a prosecutor and ordered Barboza to appear in court.
When Barboza showed up, the local judge reprimanded him for his comments on the form and told him he would be arrested, Seibel said in her ruling. Barboza was handcuffed and taken away before his release on $200 bail.
Seibel said the arrest violated Barboza's First Amendment rights, and she noted the criminal charge eventually was dismissed on those grounds. She said Barboza's phrase was crude and offensive to some but "did not convey an imminent threat and was made in the context of complaining about government activity."


She goes on to say that just because those clerks got their panties in a wad didn't alter the fact that it was Free Speech because there was no threat.

This isn't the first time someone was arrested in "Liberty" for cursing either. Remind me to stay away from that little shit hole, they wouldn't let me see the light of day again.

Seibel said that between 2003 and 2012 as many as 63 arrests by police officers in the village had occurred "because of the use of vulgar words in what may be perceived as a threatening context." She said one arrest occurred when a defendant called someone a slut, another resulted from someone talking about sexual acts on a police department phone line and another came after a defendant threatened to kill someone's dog.

No shit, they arrested someone for calling some chick a slut?

Dayum, them be some tight assed motherfuckers!!

"The village has no requirement to insure its officers are trained on the First Amendment," Seibel said before announcing she was requiring the Sullivan County village to face trial on claims it failed to properly train police officers about free speech.

She said the trial would include a damages phase for a prosecutor who is not protected by immunity because his actions were unreasonable.

Barboza's lawsuit had sought unspecified damages.

I hope he cleans 'em out.

That's some seriously puritanical local government.

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Stackz O Magz said...

And at the compensation hearing, I'd give em' a big ole "fuck all of your feelings" and smile on the way out...

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