Wednesday, September 30, 2015

America Missing Golden Opportunity In Syria Because Of Arrogance

I'm telling ya, if Russia wants to step up to the plate in that Hell Hole then more power to 'em.
They have serious self interests in getting that mess under control and the logistics are better for them anyway.
It would save us a boat load of trouble and expense to let the Russkies take over and kick some ass for a while.

Kerry rebuffs Russian demand, says US airstrikes in Syria ‘will continue’

Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday rebuffed Russia's demand that U.S. warplanes leave Syrian airspace to make way for their own airstrikes, saying coalition forces are not going anywhere.

"These strikes will continue," Kerry said.

Kerry spoke at a United Nations Security Council meeting chaired by his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, with whom he reportedly spoke before the meeting. The meeting followed a dramatic escalation in the Syrian conflict, as Russia began bombarding opposition targets inside the country.

Speaking in New York, Kerry said he was prepared to welcome Russia's actions if they are directed only at the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.

"We would have grave concerns should Russia strike areas where ISIL and Al Qaeda-affiliated targets ... are not operating," Kerry said, adding that nations must not confuse fighting ISIS for supporting Bashar Assad.

Russia says it is striking ISIS positions, but U.S. officials and others cast doubt on that claim. A U.S. defense official noted Russian warplanes have struck targets in Homs and Hama, where there is no ISIS presence.

Kerry called Wednesday for holding "de-confliction talks" with Russia as early as possible. But he made clear that amid the discussions over Russia's role, U.S. and coalition action would continue.

Typical, they want to talk more.
What have we got here, a bunch of women running the joint? The phrase, "We need to talk" makes my skin crawl.

There is a time to talk and a time to walk, this would be a good time for the latter.
GTFO and let Putin do what he does best, eating Obama's lunch on the world stage while bombing the shit out of a bunch of trouble makers.

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