Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Best Sixty Bucks I Ever Spent

Posting may be even lighter than normal to non existent in the next couple of days.
Tomorrow is my anniversary and the wifely unit and I are going over to Troutdale to Edgefield Manor for a couple of days.

She tried to make reservations months ago for two days but could only get one and we were staring the unpleasant prospects of having to drive forty miles to spend the second night at another McMinnemans hotel.
She loves the damn things and we travel all over the place staying at them through out the year.

Luckily someone finally cancelled just yesterday so we get both nights now at Edgefield.

It's quite the place if you have never been there.
It was the Multnomah County Poor House back in the twenties and thirties just outside of Portland Or.

Now it's a huge hotel with vineyards, soaking pool, about six different bars and a real nice restaurant. There is even a par 3 , nine holer there for you golf people.
People come from all over the world to stay there and that is where we spent our honeymoon.

It's a funky place now with Hippy type art work all over the place and you can wander all over the whole thing with a drink in your hand if you want.
They make their own whiskey and beer right on the premises.

Inside you can wander around and see shit like this all over, this is on a pipe joint for the sprinkler system up near the ceiling, they are all over the place. The rooms are named after the people who lived there back in the day and there are little snippets of what they did and what they like stenciled on the walls inside.

Best of all there aren't any damn television sets, anywhere.

We were talking about our anniversary last night and my wife turns to me and asks if I remember how much I paid for our marriage license, there is quite the story behind that by its self but I thought about it and told her i thought it was about sixty bucks.

She looked at me and said, "Yeah, that's the best sixty bucks you ever spent".

I can't argue that.
She is a good woman and I am a very lucky man to have found someone who can put up with my ornery ass, which she does without batting an eye.

I will be taking my laptop which irritates her no end so it's a twofer for me.

So, I'll see ya's when I see's ya.

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