Monday, August 3, 2015

Taurus To Recall Almost One Million Pistols

If you own one of the pistols listed below then you will want to be keeping up with this.

Taurus pistol recall: Firearms company voluntary recalls nearly 1 million pistols

Firearms manufacturer Taurus has agreed to a voluntary recall of nearly 1 million pistols as part of the settlement of a lawsuit that alleges nine handgun models had defects, including one that caused some to inadvertently fire when dropped.

"This is not an anti-firearms lawsuit. This is a defective product lawsuit," said Birmingham attorney Todd Wheeles, co-lead counsel representing plaintiffs in the 2013 federal lawsuit. "This hopefully will help save lives by taking defective firearms off the street."

The settlement affects customers who bought the following models sold between 1997 and 2013 in the U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam: PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138-Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145 Millennium; PT-745 Millennium; PT-609; PT-640; and PT-24/7.

Despite the voluntary recall, Taurus denied in a statement Friday night that there are any design defects in the models.

"Neither the settlement nor the allegations in the case include any of the popular Taurus G2 model pistols," according to the Taurus statement.

Details concerning the nine pistols and how and when to submit a claim will be provided in the near future, according to the Taurus statement. "Claims will be handled by a Third Party Claims Administrator (TPA). Once the Claims Period opens, the Taurus Companies will provide notice through digital and print outlets. All claims should be made through the TPA."


  1. Thanks for that heads up. I own a Taurus PT145 Pro (aka: PT145 Millennium Pro). I imagine it will be covered by that recall. I am awaiting a connection in Taurus' online chat to see if they have worked out how to get this done yet. I never have had a problem with it but why take chances.

    All the best,
    Glenn B

  2. My pistol has been sent to Taurus, now the wait.

    1. And people keep saying that Blogging is dead.....

      I am glad that at least one person was able to get this message and it helped them out.

      Thanks for picking up the story and spreading the word Glenn and thanks for stopping by on occasion!


  4. In Calif. returning a recalled pistol to Taurus you believe is problem free has some risks. Since only one Taurus pistol is on the roster of approved handguns they either fix it or send you a check for $200 or maybe $175. Want to bet Taurus
    wont even look at pistols from Calif. and just send a check. A couple of years ago I ordered a recoil spring for my PT745
    and was told they don't have many parts for that model. I doubt they will have parts for these. Mine is fine I'm opting out of
    the settlement. Must mail a letter no later than Dec 14th to opt-out.


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