Saturday, August 8, 2015

Support The Troops!

Then kill them with massive drug overdoses after they get home and go to the VA.

This is textbook criminally negligent homicide.

TOMAH, Wis. (WKBT) -
A Marine veteran died because of a series of failures at the Tomah VA Medical Center, according to a report from the VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) released Friday.
Jason Simcakoski, 35, died at the Tomah VA Medical Center Aug. 30, 2014. The medical examiner determined the cause of death was mixed drug toxicity.
The OIG launched an investigation into the death of Simcakoski at the request of Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Sen. Ron Johnson.
The OIG enlisted the services of a non-VA forensic toxicologist, who agreed with the medical examiner's cause of death.
The investigation determined that Simcakoski died in the facility, and he was prescribed a mix of medications with the potential to cause respiratory depression. The report from the OIG shows that in the 72 hours before Simcakoski passed, he was given 54 doses of 13 different drugs.
Tomah VA staff said the facility is learning from this tragedy.
The Simcakoski family is just glad they finally have some closure.
"We accept responsibility for any action or in action that contributed to this young man's death," said Acting Tomah VA Medical Director John Rohrer.
Rohrer said Simcakoski's death was avoidable but said the Tomah VA will learn from it and provide better care to veterans from here on out in his memory.
Simcakoski's parents said that's all they want.
"It takes something bad usually to make something good happen. Unfortunately, it was our son for this, but hopefully, we'll be able to save a lot of other veterans out there in the future from this," Jason Simcakoski's father, Marv, said.
The OIG report found that Tomah VA staff prescribed drugs, which, when combined, most likely led to his death. One of the drugs is called Suboxone. The report found that the Veteran's Health Administration requires written informed consent for administering "hazardous" drugs. The OIG investigation did not find any evidence of written informed consent. Both psychiatrists involved in the ordering of the "hazardous" drug given to Jason Simcakoski acknowledged they did not discuss the risks with him.
"You have to talk to that patient, say, 'You know, this is the risks with this,' and get them to sign the consent so they know what they're going into," Marv Simcakoski said.
The report said Suboxone should only be taken once a day, but Jason Simcakoski received it three times in 24 hours.
The medications were prescribed by the treating psychiatrists at the facility. The forensic toxicologist said it can't be ruled out that Jason Simcakoski received an additional drug that was not noted in the report.

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Robert Fowler said...

We had a man murdered here at the VA. The nurse that was supposed to be watching several patients turned off the alarm on his breathing monitor and he suffocated. They fired him, big fucking deal. There were no charges filed and he didn't lose his licence. Care givers are free to kill vets with no punishment.

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