Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's The Real Thing, Amigo!

You can talk shit about the Mexicans all you want but they have enough sense not to fuck with a good thing.

When is the last time you saw one of these?

Real Coca Cola, made with cane sugar and in a full size glass bottle.
Fuck yeah baby.
I finally went into the neighborhood Groceria a couple of weeks ago after living here four years now, and I'm tellin' ya, these people have it goin' on down there!
Fucking thing has a little bakery and a butcher shop in it no less. It looks like a little hole in the wall kind of corner market but it's in this tiny little ancient strip mall and the store actually takes up the space of three little shops going into the "L" of a 90 degree building.
It's a cornerstone of the local neighborhood obviously and you will find all things Mexican in this place. The smell of fresh donuts assaults you when you walk in and you can hear the meat saw going through bones way in the back.
It's pretty damn obvious they don't get too many Gringo's in there either.


I can't speak Spanish for fuck all except for a few words but they speak English well enough that we do business just fine and they are actually pretty friendly once they figure out you aren't some Puerco Norte Americano.

They have all the damn spices I can't find anywhere else and at dirt fucking cheap prices too.
I paid 79 cents for two ounces of Cumin that would have cost me four bucks at Safeway.

Of course there is absolutely no way you will ever catch my wife in there but after living in San Jose all those years ago
I really miss my Mexican grocerias man.
She can keep going to Wally World because she won't let me do any of the grocery shopping but I have news for her. Not only have I found this outfit, earlier today I finally went into the local Cash and Carry. They do wholesale goods for restaurants and shit.
You can buy goods by the case and 50 pound bag if you want. I found a couple of items I want to try that come ina #10 can. That's kind of big so I want to make sure it's good so when I finally do open it, that it won't go to waste.
They also sell Bar and Kitchen goods and hardware items.
I'll be going back down there fairly soon because I want to get an Industrial Strength manual can opener instead of the absolute fucking garbage for sale everywhere else I go looking for one, if you can even find one at all.
I'm going to get two because two is one and one is none when it comes to that kind of thing in an emergency.

Who knows, maybe it will be Hecho en Mexico too.


Sixbears said...

I've fond memories of drinking Mexican coke at a little Cuban place in the Florida Keys.

One Fly said...

It's all true Busted. These bottles of Coke ARE the very best. It ain't perfect but very much looking forward to returning to Mexico.

BadTux said...

A Mexican grocer opened three blocks from me. Yeah, they have great prices on a *lot* of things that sell for more at gringo stores. They have big bins of various kinds of beans and of rice where you can scoop as much as you want into a plastic bag for half the price of the big box stores, and the meat counter, ay yi yi! I try not to go there too often though because I'm already rotund enough, LOL.

Robert Fowler said...

That's what a coke is supposed to taste like. I can get them at our local grocery in the Mexican section.

taminator013 said...

I would love to try one of those. Coke hasn't tasted the same in decades. Used to drink it in the little 10 oz bottles back in the sixties. Seemed to have a lot more bite than the larger bottles, but the bigger ones were still good................

JC said...

My family calls 'em "Mexicokes". The carbonation is different, too, due to the altitude difference - D>F> at about a mile up versus Houston at dead sea level plus or minus 10 feet.

Anonymous said...

I can get them at the local Publix in the Coke section.

Anonymous said...

Mexican Coca-Cola tastes much better than what we have here in U.S., especially if you drink those disposable cup vending machines (which should really get sued from the original - much worse!). That funky 'fizz in your nose' from the Mex product - thats the stuff!

admin said...

I just had one in a bottle Sunday....

In the Philippines...

I also used to buy it this way in the Middle East.

They sell glass 8 ounce returnables for 7 Philippine pesos which is bout 15 cents US.

a liter and a half of RC cola in returnable glass is 38cents plus deposit.

They also sell Gatorade in returnable glass for 29 cents.


idahobob said...

I have a case of these in my storeroom. Got 'em at COSTCO.


Diya said...
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