Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Literally, in this case.

I have been needing/wanting/whining about a new radiator for my little Sprite project now for three fucking years.
I have had the money on several different occasions but there has always been something that we needed it for that was more important.

The original one had been repaired more than once and was basically junk. As a matter of fact, I must have decided that I need some incentive to get a new one some time in the past and threw it out because I can't even find it.
I get that way sometimes, I am a huge Pack Rat and have damn near enough parts for this thing to build another one but not one of those.

Our Fourth Anniversary is coming up and my lovely and quite dangerous wife finally took pity on my sorry ass and told me to shut the hell up about it and order the damn thing.
Not exactly in those words but I got the drift.

Most British parts outfits want anywhere from $165 to $250 for what is basically a big heater core depending if they have any sales going on.

If you notice, there is no radiator cap on the damn thing, being British and all, they did things a little bit different and added a Brass overflow tank off to the side that looks just like a fucking canteen that has the radiator cap on it.

I have one of those but there are other options out there after all these years and I just bought the best there is.

All Aluminum 2 core with a radiator cap on it off Ebay for $155 with FREE shipping.

The cheapest I could find, even those range from that price clear up to $250, even from the same seller.

I am going to have to fabricate some mounts as my car has been modified but that will be easy.
Next after that is to get an electric fan for the damn thing, the original plastic fan is a joke, these things were notorious for overheating for a good reason.

After that I need to get a replacement fuel pump that doesn't pump so much gas that it over powers the needles and seats in the float bowls.

One step closer, this has been driving me crazy for years now and I want to get it done and get rid of the damn thing.
They are a blast to drive and a nightmare to own.
It's long past time someone else as stupid as I am takes over messing with it.


  1. Good! Now you got something to do.

  2. Holley sells a small, adjustable fuel pressure regulator for about $35.

    I've used them for many years, and they're reliable, and last forever.

    You can get them at Summit Racing.


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