Monday, July 6, 2015

The Wildest Finish To A NASCAR Race That I Can Remember

That's saying something as I can remember watching NASCAR racing since about 1965.

I will say right up front that restrictor plate racing sucks ass in my opinion.
It's a 200 mile an hour bumper to bumper traffic jam and these horrific wrecks are almost guaranteed to happen every time they run one.
It is the only reason some people watch them for though.

I can understand the need for safety and yesterdays finish is a perfect example of just how much they have done to improve that.
The fact that no one was killed or even seriously injured is nothing short of a small miracle.

If you didn't see it then hold on to your seat because what you are about to see is almost unreal.

Here is a shot from a spectator,

Austin Dillon's car went from almost 200 miles an hour to zero in less than a half of a second.

It ripped his car in half and tore out a whole section of the Safety catch fence, shearing metal poles clear off.
In the first video you can see his engine and transmission sitting on the infield with fire burning on top a hundred feet from where what was left of his car came to rest and the guy got out and walked away.

The fact that no one in the stands was seriously hurt is almost beyond explanation as violent as the wreck was.
Imagine a 3500 pound projectile going 200 miles an hour hitting a chain link fence.

There are steel cables strung on those poles and it sheared those off too.

Pretty incredible.

I would like to commend Dale Earnhardt JR. on a tremendous job of driving to win that race there at the end. He was the man to beat all night long and the best of the best did their damndest to do it and came up short.
It was a pretty damn exciting finish even without the spectacle.
Here is the last two laps and you can see what I mean about some serious driving on his part, he was all over the place trying to keep everyone behind him.

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