Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's Either A Gift Or A Curse

I am really easy to get along with, until I get pissed off, then Mr.Nice Guy disappears in a flash and Mr. Asshole comes out to play.
People don't seem to like Mr. Asshole very much.

I also hold grudges like they are made of diamonds baby, I remember shit that pissed me off twenty five years ago and the people who did it.
Wrong me and I will never forget it.


  1. I've learned to let a lot of unimportant stuff slide. It's been better for my blood pressure. Then again, I might just be too lazy to hold a grudge.

  2. I've got a list written down of people who have shit on me as their way of paying me back for helping them in their time of need. I don't forget a damn thing and if I'm ever seen asking for help Phil, you'll know I'm REALLY bad off because I handle my fucking business. I've learned that sometimes it's better to give a person a little bit of money to make them go away because you know you'll never hear from them again and know damned well you won't get your money back. It's worth it. Being nice has helped me rid myself of people in my life because it helped me see to people for who they are and not for who I wanted them to be. That's what's important.

  3. "I've got a list written down of people who have shit on me as their way of paying me back for helping them in their time of need."

    I have a similar list. No good deed...

    I got my brother-in-law into my line of work years ago; first decent paying job he ever had. About the forth job out the SOB completely and totally fucked the job up. That stunt cost me $100,000 in lost work. I ain't never forgot it.



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