Friday, July 10, 2015

IRS Returns $107.000 It Seized From NC Convenience Store Owner

I bet that just killed their black little hearts too,  the sonsabitches.

I get the feeling that this isn't completely over yet too.


IRS Returns $107,000 It Took From North Carolina Convenience Store Owner


More than a month after dismissing a case involving a Fairmont, N.C., convenience store owner, the federal government returned the more than $100,000 it took from him last year.
But the government still refuses to pay the lawyers’ fees and expenses that the store owner is entitled to.
According to documents filed in federal court this week, the government returned the $107,702.66 it seized from L&M Convenience Mart owner Lyndon McLellan, depositing the money into the store’s bank account on June 29.
“Actions speak louder than words,” Robert Johnson, a lawyer at the Institute for Justice who represented McLellan, wrote in the filings. “At the same time that the government has continued to slander Lyndon as a criminal in its filings in this court, the government has returned the money that it seized from Lyndon’s business.”

“There should be no clearer indication that this forfeiture proceeding has drawn to a close—with Lyndon the prevailing party and thus entitled to attorney fees, costs, and interest under governing federal law,” Johnson continued.
Last July, the Internal Revenue Service seized the $107,702 from L&M Convenience Mart’s bank account under a subset of civil asset forfeiture laws that oversees cash deposits.

Go read the rest of it because it looks to me like there is more legal action coming against the government.
They are trying to weasel their way out of paying his legal fees and the interest on the money he is owed because they lost.

Like I said, a buncha sonsabitches in that outfit.

It is refreshing to see them get their asses handed to them though.



  1. That's LAWFARE for you. The bastards have no problem dumping tons of money into ensuring their 93% conviction does not get tarnished, but when it's time to pay back for their misdeeds, it's always a problem. Yeah they gave the dude back his money, but I bet he get's fucked on the court and attorney fees. Motherfuckers...

  2. Bureaucrats....most likely all involved received bonuses, plus promotion. Taxpayers pay for all of this.

  3. One of the great joys in my life was once getting back a full three years of tax payments from the IRS. Best checks I ever cashed.


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