Monday, June 22, 2015

Police Mentality

I have literally lost count of just how many wisecracking smart ass cops I have encountered over the years who had the sense of humor of an immature ten year old but it is well over two dozen.
It's just one of their little power trips that they seem to enjoy so much but it gets old immediately and shows a remarkable lack of professional conduct for someone who is supposedly a pillar of virtue representing the best we have to offer.
Sadly they seem to have found their little niche and look for reasons to act like idiots when they know there will be zero repercussions.

Don't get me wrong, I have run into some exceptional and outstanding individuals here and there over the years and can actually name one right this minute.
Unfortunately they seem to be seriously outnumbered. Still, they are out there and you will occasionally run into one.

This is obviously a parody but compared to my experiences with some of the boys in blue it wouldn't surprise me if it happened tomorrow.


Just by coincidence I got to see a couple of Local cops do their thing right across the fucking street a couple hours ago.
A woman cop pulled some guy over right across the street. His arms are out the window, her hand is on her weapon and there is a huge freakin' dog in the back seat.

I was seriously going to tell everyone to hit the fucking deck if I saw her pull that gun.
She didn't shoot the dog, good on her for that but the dude went bye bye in cuffs with no shirt, shorts and sandals, after backup showed up.

I have no clue what that shit was about but there was a chick in the passenger seat I see after they are getting ready to haul the guy off, she got out and took his shirt over to him and the cops freaked out about that too because she opened the back of the rig to get it out and then spun around and started walking towards the cop car.
They were shouting and pointing, the poor girl about pissed herself trying to get back away from the cop car.


I love living here.


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Moe said...

Been my observation they are the worst shots in the country; probably shouldn't be allowed to carry weapons. The bastards are robbing people along the Interstate in Tennessee.

In any case the usual advice is applicable: Stay Away from Cops - Don't Talk to Cops


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