Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Food for Thought

Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Go read this and then come back and tell me what you think.


deb harvey said...

hi. it is a great article.
most people will stare into the television waiting for the 'news'--government pap- and will not get off their butts.

i used to write to pols, and i am guilty of writing to our senators- portman and brown- about the transpacific partnership.

it is an effort to be heard. i still write to pols occasionally, but i know it all falls on deaf ears. i live in hope, though.

of course i received form letters essentially telling me it was a done deal, no matter what the populace think.

if there is open dissent there will be 'pushing into camps', concentration camps.

we are supposed to study the actions of the evil in order to avoid doing evil, but the government and the military are studying evil well and are perpetrating it.

i can only hope the writer of the article is correct and that there are decent men ready to enter the halls of government in order to bring cleanliness and honesty to it.

a caution is that in any movement there are those who want to push their way to the front and take over and they are expert at deception and underhanded scheming
the wolf moves in when there are confusion and fear and change among the herd. the wolf is wearing the clothing of the herd and it is difficult to suss him out.

always test any motive three times , as Scripture tells us.

thanks for the link. i have made it a favorite.

deb h.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, we are approaching the time for a "cleansing"....I truly wish it were not true. It's like "Animal Farm" comes to life...

Robert Fowler said...

"outright sabotage of selected companies"

When the time comes, and I believe it's coming, I hope one of the top businesses to die is Well Fargo. I will do what I can to help. We are about to be on the ride of our lives and the government will be the big losers. Over 50% of the military will come over to our side along with most cops. When the patriots reach DC, I want the rope concession. Because there is going to be a lot of rope used.

Unknown said...

I hope the article is correct but I fear deb h. is more on the mark. Apathy has eroded much of American freedom seekers. There will be pockets of Patriots; I hope they are enough.

Dan said...

The US Gov. wins because it is organized. They take BILLIONS of dollars from us and use it to hire, equip and train
thousands of people whose express purpose for existing is to impose the will of the few in power on the rest of us by
use of force if necessary. When those in power decide someone needs to be dealt with they send these men....and
they send them in massive numbers with overwhelming firepower and they send them with NO NOTICE, often at 3AM.
The goal is to put the target in such a position that they essentially have NO VIABLE OPTIONS. They must either kneel in abject surrender or die. And to most of the hired help either option is ok....and for some they are actually hoping for
resistance as a little gunplay sounds like fun to them. The government wins because they hold virtually all the cards of
power and operate where, when and how they wish. 'We the People' are too busy working our tails off to keep the lights on, the kids fed and the bills paid to have the time, money or manpower to create an effective means to counter the predatory assault squads the government fields. On rare occasion such as the Bundy ranch episode enough honest people were able to show up ADEQUATELY ARMED to counter the force the government had brought to that occasion.
That was and is a rarity. And until 'We the People' have our own dedicated 'SWAT' teams with it's own jet transports and
secure comms that we can deploy at a moments notice to counter the governments goon squads those in power can and
will to do what they want, to whoever they want whenever they want with impunity.

Lone wolf actions are possible...and the ambush style killings of LEO show that when you choose the time, place and method of interaction it is possible for the state's agent to lose most of the time it is the state that makes those choices.

And while lone wolf actions can stir things up a bit individual actors are not going to take out government buildings or make any other major inroads at slowing government actions. Such assaults require significant resources and manpower, training and planning. And EVERY TIME a group of people get together to form a 'milita' or whatever else
you want to call it we learn in short order that a HUGE number of the people in that group are undercover journalists, informants or government agents. Operating in groups big enough to do anything significant can't happen....such groups
are always infiltrated and exposed thanks to the NSA etc. and the never ending spying the government does.

Unknown said...

Hmmm. I'd like to see a definition of "win" first please.

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