Tuesday, June 9, 2015

David Gilmour Announces New Album!

The hair on my arms just stood up when I saw that headline.

Pink Floyd's David Gilmour announces new solo album 'Rattle That Lock'

The LP will be the follow-up to 2006's 'On An Island'

Pink Floyd musician David Gilmour has confirmed his upcoming solo album.

The record, titled 'Rattle That Lock', is the follow-up to 2006's 'On An Island'. Details of the LP were released during a talk at the 2015 Borris House Festival of Writing and Ideas in Carlow, Ireland on Saturday (June 6).


According to reports, it was revealed that the album will be released in September, featuring collaborations with Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera, Jools Holland and Gilmour's own wife, Polly Sampson.

Gilmour performed new songs 'Girl With A Yellow Dress' and 'Boots On The Ground' at the event. Sampson later described the theme of the album as "seize every moment, look to the future... and don’t be afraid or hold back".

Meanwhile, Gilmour is to tour the UK and Europe for the first time in nine years, taking place in September. The tour will kick off in Croatia on September 12 and visit various cities in Europe before heading to the UK for three consecutive nights at London's Royal Albert Hall on September 23-25.
Please, please, come to The States!!
Guaranteed to sell out every date if he does.


  1. Boy, oh boy, oh boy!

    First saw the "Floyd", live, at Winterland, 1971, just before the release of the album "Meddles".

    Gilmour and his music just keeps getting better and better.

    Oh dear, I think that I just admitted what an old fart I actually am!

    Oh well.


  2. ...yea Brother, i would be so there...saw 'em in 85 before waters left and again in 94 at the pontiac silverdome...was so fucked up lost my keys and billfold and had to spend the night there trippin'...so underrated, one of my all time favorites, i own every thing they produced...

  3. ...oops, the Mrs says before 85..."we wasn't steady when we saw floyd, we were dating...we was steady in 85, waters left in 85 bone head"...stand corrected, lol


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