Saturday, May 30, 2015

Proof That The Rule Of Law Is Dead In This Country, I Present Exhibit A

If this does not convince you that the entire Justice system is rigged then you need to get examined for being self delusional.

The ENTIRE 250 prosecutor strong Orange County District Attorney's Office has been disqualified by a Superior Court Judge from prosecuting a major Death Penalty case because of misconduct .

Stop and take a minute to grasp that fact.

It's not just the Prosecutors, it's also the Police conduct that brought this about.

Systemic corruption that has been going on for years.

You’re All Out

A defense attorney uncovers a brazen scheme to manipulate evidence, and prosecutors and police finally get caught.

Prosecutorial and police misconduct are often dismissed as just a few bad apples doing a few bad apple-ish things. But what happens when it’s entrenched and systemic and goes unchecked for years? That looks to be the case in Orange County, California, where the situation got so completely out of hand this spring that Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals issued an order disqualifying the entire Orange County District Attorney’s Office (that’s all 250 prosecutors) from continuing to prosecute a major death penalty case.

After literally years of alleged misconduct involving jailhouse informants, as well as prosecutors’ repeated failures to turn over exculpatory material, Judge Goethals determined in March that the office can simply no longer work on the case of mass murderer Scott Dekraai, who pleaded guilty last year to killing his ex-wife and seven others at a beauty salon in 2011.

Snipped, the story goes on to explain that the following scenario has been going on for decades.

One issue in the Dekraai case is whether deputies deliberately placed him near a prized informant to elicit illegal confessions. While preparing for the penalty phase of the trial, Santa Ana assistant public defender Scott Sanders, who is defending Dekraai, discovered that a jailhouse informant who had produced damning evidence about his client had done the same thing in another case Sanders was handling. After further investigation, Sanders claimed that a branch of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department called “special handling” would deliberately place jailhouse snitches in cells next to high-value inmates awaiting trials, with instructions to collect confessions, a practice that is unconstitutional.

Together with his law clerks, Sanders spent a year unearthing and then reconstructing a tranche of 60,000 pages of records indicating that the county sheriff’s office routinely used and coordinated with those informants to get around the constitutional prohibition on eliciting incriminating statements from defendants who had lawyered up and should not have been interrogated. The sheriff’s department has admitted that mistakes were made. The DA’s office claims there was nothing coordinated or systemic going on. But Judge Goethals disagreed, finding that the new revelations called into question the integrity of the entire Orange County District Attorney’s office.

This is just one case but the evidence seems pretty damning that this blatant End Around on the Constitutionally protected rights of thousands may well have been the norm.

So you have to ask yourself at this point,
do you  not see as plain as the nose on your face that there is no justice left in this country?
Unless you have big money or powerful connections, the deck is stacked against you from the get go.

Lawyers are scumbags and if you want to argue the point I can give you 250 examples without breaking a sweat.

The Police are scumbags too, I don't even want to hear different from anyone.

This has been going on for years and years and years and you can bet your last penny that every cop in that department knew what was going on and NOT ONE said a God Damned word about it.

The absolute reality here is that the entire justice system in Southern California is corrupt.
From the Beat Cop to the Chief of Police and the lowest Law clerk to the District Attorney himself.

Top to bottom, rotten to the core and  caught red handed at it.

" Mistakes were made".

That is the weakest Non Denial imaginable.

You can expect the appeals to start arriving by the truck load Monday morning and continue until every single conviction on cases like this get retried.

I can't possibly imagine how these two departments will survive unscathed.


Robert Fowler said...

"You can expect the appeals to start arriving by the truck load Monday morning and continue until every single conviction on cases like this get retried."

The taxpayers are going top take it right up the ass. If I lived there, I'd be more than a little pissed. I would be demanding jobs and arrests. If I'm going to have to pay for their bullshit, I would want it to be worth the high cost. The DA and all 250 prosecutors should be tried, found guilty and jailed and all of their minions under them should be tried, fined and fired. If they would do it, the voters could fire the sheriff at the next election. Of course Cali. has a recall option too. They could recall his ass.

It makes you wonder just how many other places are also doing this.

Dick said...

The judges, police and DA's are paid whether they sit on their behinds or work. The real cost is far less than they will scream about. Nobody involved punches a time clock, they are all salaried. Besides, the correction of this gross abuse of the public trust must be corrected regardless of the cost.

Dick said...

Despise the attorneys however, it was a very smart attorney that uncovered this disease. He did it right. Investigated and kept his mouth shut until he had the goods on these sleeze balls. So even though the DA's were all corrupt, there was at least one defense attorney who did what was right.

Sixbears said...

Years ago I learned the hard lesson that you get the "justice" you can afford.

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