Sunday, May 24, 2015

Police destroy pressure cooker in unattended car near Capitol and arrest suspect

This just in my Email;

A U.S. Capitol Police spokeswoman says a bomb squad has safely destroyed a pressure cooker found in a “suspicious” vehicle left unattended near the Capitol building and that the vehicle's owner has been arrested.
Sgt. Kimberly A. Schneider told The Associated Press by email that officers on patrol spotted the parked, unoccupied vehicle Sunday on a street on the National Mall west of the Capitol and that a bomb squad “disrupted the items of concern in the vehicle including the pressure cooker,” producing a loud bang about 7:45 p.m.
She says an odor of gasoline was detected beforehand.
She says the vehicle owner, Israel Shimeles of Alexandria, Virginia, was arrested and charged with “operating after revocation” and was at Capitol Police headquarters. She earlier said that the driver had been arrested.
This story will be updated.


  1. What do you bet that he's a cook at the Capitol Building, the pressure cooker was a gift from his brother-in-law that he was taking home that night, and the reason his license was revoked was because Congress doesn't pay their workers enough to afford auto insurance? Common sense don't seem so common nowadays.

    1. Sounds about right to me. After all Pressure Cookers are in vogue today with the beef coming off the range being more akin to leather than steaks.

  2. She says an odor of gasoline was detected beforehand. Most vehicles have an "odor of gasoline". Especially if they were just running and turned off, and a little gas in the system is evaporating.

    My boat smells that way for months at a time. Pretty much constantly, to be honest. I shouldn't say that. Someone will want to come blow up my boat to make sure it won't blow up.

  3. First of does a vehicle 'act suspicious'? Whenever I look at them they just sit idly to ABSOFUCKINLUTELY NOTHING. So just what was this vehicle doing that made it suspect?

    As for the contents of said pot....they blew it up. Question is what was in it.....I bet dollars to a pigs doughnut it was empty. And since they went WAY out on a limb to over react the po po were forced to arrest this poor schmuck as
    cover for their gross incompetence.

  4. Update: Poor schmuck was a cook, alright. He had a propane tank, a pressure cooker, and a portable burner with him for doing a cookout for a corporate gathering when it all got kaboomed by the Feds without even an attempt to contact him via his cell phone. Since he's an immigrant he was happy they didn't waterboard him and apologized. Poor schmuck.


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