Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rand Paul Running For President

Another crazy fucking bastard with no hope.

Let me tell you a funny story.

My father had a job once where he he had to go up on Capitol Hill and lobby those sonsabitches at one time.
This was way back in the 80's I believe.

He would be interacting with people and getting along just great, he was a very personable man and easy to make friends with.
All would be going fine until someone would introduce him to someone else.
All at once he would get these weird looks and the cold shoulder and for the life of him he could not understand why.

It wasn't until a year or so of this went by that he discovered the reason.

My Father's name was...... Ron Paul.

We are not related to Rand or his Dad in any way but it was always good for a laugh .

Especially since my Dad was a lifelong Democrat.

Best of luck to young Mr. Rand, he will need more than luck to even be called an Also Ran before this mess is over and I think I am going to sit this one out.
There ain't a snowballs chance in Hell that I am going to vote for that Ball Crusher Clinton, that's for damn sure.


  1. What the fuck is going on in your country anyways? For the majority of my 70 year old life I always looked up to the US as a beacon of liberty and freedom. Now all I see is a nation of weasels that wouldn't know what shit was if it landed on their head. We all make mistakes ( Jimmy Carter) but we usually smarten up and correct the situation ( Ronald Reagan), but Jesus, you people elected Obama twice????? He's pissed off Israel,he's sucking Muslim ass, importing millions of Wetbacks and treating the white population like they got scurvy.
    I live in Canada and every time America farts, we get diarrhea. Right now we're up to our knees in shit and it's still rising.

  2. Oh heck, at least Ran stands out from the crowd. The Republican field might be a bit crazy, but at least it's not boring like Hillery Clinton.

  3. Tis a sad day when he looks better than all the rest.
    Like you...my conscious at least be clear by sitting this one out eh !
    Then too, I did that in 2000...and look what happened.


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