Saturday, March 7, 2015

Right, The Fuck, ON!!

I think this fellow pretty much sums up how a majority of folks feel about this subject anymore.

He has a lot of self restraint I think.

We have all had enough of this perpetual victimhood schtick while at the same time these same people get more barbaric by the hour.

They can all fuck the fuck off as far as I'm concerned and if they think they are all butt hurt now just wait until this sentiment starts manifesting its self everywhere they turn outside of their traditional borders.

A bunch of international pariahs is what they should be.

Obama isn't going to be President forever and the next one in charge is probably not going to be so accommodating to your particular brand of crazy.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that more and more Westerners and even European's are going to be talking the same way the gentleman in the video is.

Some already are.

H/T to SurvivalBlog, of all places!!


Robert Fowler said...

We carpet bombed North Vietnam in the early 70's. B52's were flying daily until we bombed them right back to the peace table.

When are we going to load up the B52's and start bombing the piss out of these assholes? Too bad we don't have a president with some balls. Instead we're stuck with Obozo the muslim and "shotgun" Joe. Jesus wept.

Blue said...

Yes. Right The Fuck On!

davidc said...

Damn right !

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