Monday, February 23, 2015

Cell Phone Upgrade Time , Here We Go...

Fuck me, I hate dealing with this kind of shit.

I need a new phone that has the ability to take pictures.
I want it for work because there are many times a week that this would be very handy.
I also have found in the past that it can be handy around the house out in the garage.

We currently use Sprint, my wife is, how shall I say, frugal.

No, she is downright cheap and proud of it.

She is all over this crap.
She needs a new phone, the boy is going to be 17 if I let him continue breathing and he wants a phone too.

Of course, being 17 you can take a guess at what he wants.

I don't know if Cadillac makes a cell phone but if they did, that's what he wants.

You know the drill.


Anyways, the wife can deal with his ass, all I want is a simple Flip phone with a camera. Done.


I will be the first to admit that I am hard on equipment, I have b-r-o-k-e-n a few cell phones in my day.As in little pieces.
I dropped one out of my shirt pocket into a drum full of used oil once.
You get the drift.

It has to be able to take abuse man.

I believe it's called Severe Service.

So, Kyocera makes the one I have now and it's been a good phone for me. I don't speed text like everybody else seems to do these days but if you are patient enough I will get it to you eventually.It's tough as hell and has taken what I dish out so far.
It has some features I really hate but does what I need it to do.

When we were picking out a phone for me a couple years ago they had one exactly like the one I have now that had a camera for only $20 more but I was feeling cheap that day and didn't get it, my mistake.

I don't want one of those Smart phones because I would be glued to it, I know myself, that thing would be screaming for mercy because I would be on it constantly.

So the latest Samsung hooey phooey 19 gigabyte motherfucker with the laser light show and the hand job dispenser hidden in the back ain't for me.

Just something to be able to get in touch with me for important shit and the ability to save images.
I'm easy man.

That probably means it's going to cost me four times as much because I don't fit into one of their fucking "Plans".



  1. I'm thinking I might need a new phone next winter and I'm already stressing about it. That's just silly as the plans and tech will be totally different in 6 months.

  2. One thing to add is that it either has, or can use an adapter for wireless charging. I tried it on mine, and I tell ya, it's the berries. Lots of new phones have this or you can add a different back or buy an adapter.

    Worth the money not to have to deal with a charging cable.

  3. wally world, Samsung flip/camera $40.00, straight talk plan 29mo


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