Monday, December 29, 2014

I Told You So

I can remember saying a while back that cop killing was going to start coming more frequently.
They got lucky this time but what is different about this latest attempt is that it wasn't a Lone Wolf, at least if you can believe the story below.

Two suspects fired on a police patrol car with a rifle in South Los Angeles late Sunday night, prompting a citywide tactical alert that resulted in the arrest of one suspect and a massive manhunt for the second individual, authorities said.

The shooting occurred about 9:30 p.m. as officers were driving southbound on Hoover Street near 62nd Street, said Deputy Chief Bob Green. The officers returned fire.

No officer was hurt.

Police arrested one of the suspects at the scene and recovered a rifle, Green said. A second suspect remained at large.

A three-block area around the shooting scene was immediately cordoned off as police scoured the area with search dogs. At least 60 officers were involved in the search.

A citywide tactical alert is when every available officer in the city is ordered to a specific crime scene.

The LAPD advised residents to stay indoors. “Armed suspect in the area,” the police station said on Facebook just before 11 p.m. “Please keep our officers in your thoughts and prayers!”

I'm betting the LAPD rank and file are not sleeping too well tonight.

One would have to be intentionally avoiding the news to not see that this is getting more frequent lately too.

It was inevitable given the sheer number of killings and outrageous conduct cases perpetrated by these same police departments over the last few years.

People will only take so much, some less than others obviously.

The thing is, this isn't one or two here and there anymore.
It's all over the country now.

If I didn't know better, I would say that there might be the roots of a real revolution taking hold in this country.

Sleep tight Leo.


Dan said...

When you read the never ending litany of story's in the media where LEO abuse, assault and even kill regular citizens, story's that appear on a near daily basis, when you see the never ending stream of videos on Youtube of thugs pinned to badges acting in a way that would make a member of the Gestapo embarrassed the question someone must ask is simple. How come more cops haven't been shot. The blunt reality of the matter is that LEO have been poking the bear for years and now that the bear is awake and angry they want to act surprised and shocked.

Anonymous said...

I think this may be less a result of poking the angry bear than of the Free Shit Army realizing that six years in, the party is almost over and President Ebola never did get around to making it rain government cheese and Escalades with solid gold spinner rims, or rounding up White people and putting them all on cattle cars to be gassed. The Lesser Breeds Without the Law are throwing a tantrum because they didn't get what the community activists promised them, and because they think--and I won't say this is entirely outside the realm of possibility--that the Kenyan will write up a raft of pardons in his last weeks in office as one last act of spite.

tsquared said...

You nailed it for the most part. The items you forgot is that cops have become scared and lazy. They will shoot first, kill the family dog, or flash-bang a baby in a no-knock warrant, and cover each other with a lie if one of them gets caught doing something wrong. The lazy part comes in when there is an actual crime but they ignore blatant evidence, fail to follow leads, all to make a crime fit into an easy box that requires little or no work on their part and chalk it up as unsolvable or write if off as no crime.

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