Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Obama To Announce Executive Actions On Immigration Reform Tomorrow.

This guy is begging for it.

Obama to announce executive action on immigration Thursday in primetime speech

President Obama, following through on his vow to sidestep Congress, will announce in a prime-time TV speech Thursday the executive actions he will take to change U.S. immigration law.

Obama will make his announcement, expected to protect roughly 5 million illegal immigrants from deportation, from the White House at 8 p.m. EST, then go to Las Vegas to promote the plan Friday.

The president will go ahead with his plan despite widespread opposition from Capitol Hill Republicans, who have asked him to wait until next year when the GOP controls the House and Senate to try to reform the country’s broken immigration system.

Obama is also under intense pressure from Hispanics and much of his liberal base to act now, after promising to act by September, then disappointing them by waiting until after the midterms.

Congressional Republican are already working on a strategy to stop Obama from using executive action, including a plan to submit a temporary spending bill that would cut any funding for related efforts like issuing Social Security cards for those protected under the Obama plan.

House Speaker John Boehner has warned Obama that taking such action before January would be tantamount to "playing with fire."

I'm sorry pal, Executive actions aren't the answer.

All this is going to do is fuck things up even worse than they are, then those worthless bastards in Congress are going to spend all their time trying to find ways to trick fuck all this instead of like, you know, actually working on a fucking solution.

Closing the motherfucking border, LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE, would be a giant step in the right direction.

But no, his fundamental transformation of turning the United States of America into some kind of bastardized version of the Euro Zone  isn't quite complete yet.


  1. "under intense pressure from Hispanics" what the hell!! How about the 80% that think his amnesty plan sucks?

    Before "Little Chicago" made it to the White house I never gave liberals much thought. After 6 years of that Dill-Hole I thinks Liberals suck.


    1. While I totally agree,close the border,you must also look at the repugnantan issues.The R's want a guest worker program,as per John McCain,with no citizenship.Why,you ask? So the big business get cheap labor! As what I have read regarding Obama's plan,it has no citizenship,just stops deportation,so it seems there is some crossover agreement there.Faux news will continue to scream amnesty,the congress critters will yell,and it will go thru.

    2. "The R's?" The Tea Party arose out of grass-roots opposition to Dubya's attempt at a sneaky stealth amnesty scheme in 2005-06.

      I would agree that the Republican Party is full of posers and bought-and-paid-for traitors who work for the Wall Street banksters, who want to bring the entire Third World here and turn North America into one gigantic festering maquiladora slum so that they can get a few more shekels in their bank accounts. But the McCains and the McConnells are the party's past, not its future. People are getting angry and demanding enforcement of the immigration laws, no matter how loudly the bankers from Goldman-Sachs screech and squeal in their desire for cheap labor.

    3. dubya's plan is the same as Obama'


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