Sunday, November 16, 2014

Obama May Have A Pen But The Voters Have Spoken In Oregon

I grew up in Oregon and the Western half is  pretty solid Blue while the Eatern side is reliably Conservative.
The Blue side has most of the population though and you can pretty much consider Oregon to be a Blue State.

Maybe not quite as Blue as some had hoped though it seems.

Oregon immigration vote is a warning for Obama

Even as Oregon voters were legalizing recreational marijuana and expanding Democratic majorities in state government, they decided by a margin of 66-34 to cancel a new state law that would have provided driver's licenses to people who are in the United States illegally.
Obama is considering acting on his own, as early as this week, to possibly shield from deportation up to 5 million immigrants now living illegally in the country. Some Republicans in Congress are threatening a government shutdown if the president follows through.
"The Oregon measure tells you these measures are not easy or simple," said Muzaffar Chishti of the Migration Policy Institute. "The political cost may be significant, even in blue states."
The state law had seemed to be popular. It easily passed last year with bipartisan support in the Democratic-controlled Legislature and was signed Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber, who was re-elected Nov. 4.
Opponents barely gathered enough signatures to put the repeal question on the ballot. Immigrant rights groups outspent their opponents 10-1.

Still, the measure failed in every county but the state's most liberal one, Multnomah, home to Portland. Even there it trailed significantly behind other Democratic candidates and causes.

"It was really the epitome of a grassroots effort," said Cynthia Kendoll, one of the activists who led the campaign against licenses. "There's such a disconnect between what people really want and what's happening."

There are hundreds of thousands of Hispanics in Oregon and as you see above the Grassroots  effort was out spent 10 to 1 yet  Oregonians as a whole rejected the notion of giving illegal aliens drivers licenses.
There may be some hope for our rusty, web footed neighbors yet.

Oregon pretty much got Californiacated as did much of Washington state back in the 90's and early 20000's and it really shows in some of their Liberal laws the last twenty years but even they say enough is enough here.

Did you get that Obama?
A state that went for you twice thinks maybe we should quit coddling these undocumented  immigrants and tell them to go through the immigration  process like everyone else who wants to become a citizen of this country!

Maybe because when you issue them a fucking drivers license, they aren't undocumented anymore you putz!

They along with the rest of us want this problem controlled, not made worse by you and your fucking pen.

So the people who are citizens decided to hell with the government assholes who thought it was such a great idea, including the very Democratic Governor and overturned a law that had been signed and put on the books already!

There's a message for you there.

Listen to it and quit being a spoiled child throwing a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants.
As a matter of fact, you had better get used to not getting your way.

Presidential Signing Statements are a piss poor excuse for any law and are very limited as to who actually has to enforce their purpose.

You can sign ten  thousand of them and still will have not passed one single law.

How's it feel to go from being Important one day to Impotent the next?

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  1. If bozo signs anything amnesty related, the first thing the new Congress should do is impeach his ass.


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