Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nice Try

I have to fix the damn garage door again.
I swear if I ever get my hands on the assholes who installed it I will throttle them with my bare hands until their eyes bulge out and their lips turn blue.

They didn't adjust the sensors or the swinging connector link between the screw mechanism and the attaching mount on the door right and it keeps pulling its self apart.
It has bent the flimsy shit they used to hold it all together and it has lost it's rigidity.

This means yet another trip to the hardware store.

Unless one wants to go through about twenty stoplights and a shit load of traffic on the main drag, the way to get there is the freeway.
Ten minutes, boom, there ya are.

So as I am getting off the freeway, I see two guys with signs, a beat to shit old Toyota Camry with the flashers on and a gas can sitting on the trunk.
This is a big off ramp, two lanes and damn near a quarter mile long so it's a favorite spot for pan handlers.
There is one guy on either side of these two lanes and they both have large blank pieces of cardboard with messages wanting money because they ran out of gas.

If one wasn't paying attention it would seem legit.
They both look like working stiffs in their 30's and you know, are just low on funds and ran out of gas.
It would make you want to help a guy out, ya know?

I'm thinking things are not as they appear at first glance.

It's just a little too convenient that they just happened to have two large pieces of flat cardboard with nothing on one side and a heavy duty black felt pen to write with at this convenient location with lots of traffic on a nice sunny Fall day.

It's also quite convenient that is a large gravel pull out right next to the stop light and a wide shoulder on the other side so that two guys can stick their signs in your face at once.

No dice fella's, I was born at night but it wasn't last night.
I'll give them points for creativity but I ain't buying it.

Maybe next time one of you two could get your pregnant daughter with her other kid on her hip to stand there on one side, that'll pull the suckers in.
Either that or get real creative like these two.

1 comment:

Sixbears said...

Damn . . . that's butt ugly. . .

I thought I was scammed once. Guy had a big song and dance story about needing a couple of gallons of gas so he could pick up his paycheck. Against my better judgement I have him a $5. He ran off, hopped in his car . . . then pulled it to the pump and put $5 in. Really did not expect that.

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