Friday, November 28, 2014

It's Black Friday Alright


Moe said...

you was on the left then in the middle and now,,,,,shazammm

I like it!

"Of the countless explanations given for the poor performance and poor behavior of blacks in the US, one of them dares not speak its name: Low intelligence." - Reed, 2014

And there it is.


Anonymous said...

How can any civil society expect everyone to have the mental capacity to know the following:
Right from wrong.
Fact from fiction
How to dress for the weather.
Seems some are more capable of civility than others...

When rioting be double sure to:
Attack police after burglarizing store.
Steal gun from police.
Get something everyone grows naturally on their body.
Loot and Burn down the closest (insert favorite retail establishment here).
Chase the police away from your "hood".
Burn police vehicles left after the chase.
Tell everyone to "burn this emerefer down" with your (most likely) stolen bullhorn.

Please let the civilized world how all of this benefits your hood in the future, ok? thank you.

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