Saturday, November 22, 2014

I Remember

I was only three years old, almost four yet I can still remember watching the funeral procession on a Black and White television at my Grandmothers house.
I remember asking her why the boots were in the stirrups backwards and watching the caisson go down the street.
This from a guy who can barely remember what he ate for breakfast anymore.
To say John F. Kennedy's assassination fucked this country up is an understatement of massive proportions, the after effects are still tangible 51 years later even though almost that entire generation is gone.


  1. We must be only a few months apart in age because I have a similar story. My grandmother explained to me that the event on her television was the Presidents funeral procession and that he had been killed in Texas. You didn't grow up in the Panhandle of Florida too, did you?

    1. Clear across the country on the South West coast of Oregon.

    2. Beautiful country there. Travelled from Seattle (with my folks several years ago) to Crater Lake, into N. Cali & Jebidiah Smith, Astoria, and up the Pacific Coast Hwy. Once in a lifetime trip.

  2. One of my earliest memories. It stuck with my because my dad, who could do anything, was so upset.

  3. I was in the 9th grade in East Texas when the PA system announced the news from Dallas. It was frightening that this could happen in America. Sunday following my Dad & I were waiting in the car @ church and listening to live broadcast of Oswald's trf when he was killed.

  4. Broadus, Montana. Me and my pal Wesley Allen had walked to his house for lunch. We heard the news over the radio. I remember the radio announcer commenting that spent cartridge(s) had been found on the grassy knoll. When we got back to school our teacher didn't believe Kennedy had been shot.

    Sure made for a sad Thanksgiving that year.

  5. I was in boot camp when we heard. Some events stamp you so you never forget that moment.
    About this "even though almost that entire generation is gone" statement! Not true. I was an adult
    at the time and most of my age group is still alive. Quit trying to bury me!..:)

  6. I was in my second year of college... I can remember the exact spot where I was standing on, the 'Quad' after class, that day, when one of my friends ran up to me to tell about the shooting. And to this very day, I still do not believe that this country has ever recovered from the JFK Assassination....

  7. I was fifteen in a tiny town in Washington state my typing class, someone ran into the room and the room got quiet our typing teacher announced the president was shot and then she said he was killed..There were only about 200 students tops in that tiny high school and boomshakala they all went nuts..I ran to my locker, school was let out the buses came and got on them and no one said anything on the bus all the way home..I remember it was by thanksgiving, my grandparents had a black & white tv and watched the funeral procession and cried about it..My parents came up to the farm for us, I left that tiny school but always remembered where I was when President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed just like I remembered when and where I was when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.was shot and killed and Robert Kennedy was killed in 1968 oh, my goodness sakes alive, the world will never know what the USA lost with all the deaths but particularly our President JFK, JR., there has never been another like him nor will there ever ever be! SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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