Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gettin' A Dose Of Winter Early

And we are the lucky ones.

It's spitting snow, the local news talking heads are loving it and have several idiots out in it all over the place going on and on.

Same shit, different year.

Just a bit East of here they are really getting slammed though.
The fucking wind has been howling around here for three days now and my back yard looks like a Hurricane blew through.
Fir tree branches and debris every where,probably two pickup loads waiting to be cleaned up and hauled off and its not a big yard.

I hope everyone reading this is toasty warm and doesn't need to go out in this crap.
I am going to have to go to work here in a bit and will be driving closer to that damn gorge.
The Columbia River Gorge is a national scenic area and is very beautiful, it is also a natural funnel for wind and weather between the Eastern parts of Oregon and Washington and the Western parts.

All this freezing bullshit gets blow right down that gorge at a high rate of speed and anything over there is over here very quickly.

Right now that gorge is a blizzard factory. It gets bad enough they close that whole thing off and it is the major East West highway around here.

I texted my mom yesterday when I heard this mess was coming and told her to make sure the outside faucets had covers on them, to make sure she had emergency lighting, bottled water on hand and to make a run to the store.

I told my wife the same thing.

The cable chains are in my rig if I need them and the insulated coveralls are going in right before I leave.

I am going to make sure my Get Home bag is in order too.

Stay warm my friends and stay home if you don't have to be out in this mess, it will blow over pretty quick.


Sixbears said...

I remember snow being pretty normal around here at this time of year. It still hasn't been super cold in NH. The ground isn't even frozen yet.

Anonymous said...

An in Tucson, AZ today just got up to 80F sun all day.
Not a real great town, lots of Politicians, but a lot of good folks

Anonymous said...

We live in Vancouver, Washington all the hype about snow amounted to diddly squat but NOT WHERE YOU LIVE YOU GOT SOCKED IN PRETTY BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love to visit your area, we get fruits and wines and cheeses up there from local people, really nice people, Clark county is almost 500,000 people in the county, we have politicians who just dumb asses, but fortunately our governor is not like Kitzhaber with a gal pal first lady who lied thru her teeth and took him for the ride of his life or whatever? At 67 my husbands age he really knew all about that woman come on, she looks good but has some questionable morals, but politicians in my opinion are pretty damn dirty, they have plenty of them in Olympia too...BUT WHERE YOU LIVE IT IS SO gorgeous and nice and the people are nice as can be! happy thanksgiving and Christmas and new years, we are sure the snow and ice you got will not be the last of the polar vortex!

Phil said...

I am in Vancouver........
I work on the Camas /Vancouver border area.
It got ugly out there.
I just got back from dinner over on 192nd and there is still ice and snow on the sides of the road.

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