Saturday, October 25, 2014

Some People Are Born With It, Were You?

There are now so many laws on the books in this country that not one person on this earth could tell you how many there actually are and new ones are being passed every year.

You can't walk down the sidewalk without breaking some kind of law anymore.

People are conditioned from an early age not to break the rules and there are those who take great pleasure in reinforcing this with violence.These people wear uniforms generally.

Age and sex are no barrier,they will break bones, maim and even kill children if they are in the wrong place at the right time.
All with the full backing and blanket immunity of the Police State.

Go read what Sam K. is saying, you need to condition yourself to start breaking these unnecessary rules and laws in order to get back what they have taken, your birth rights as free people with unalienable rights of liberty.

This is not a game, this is the core of what America is supposed to be and what has been stolen from you, one ridiculous law at a time.

Here is the money shot, you need to go read the whole thing to get the full gist of what we are talking about.

Face this fact: Evil men have criminalized Liberty.

You can not live at Liberty in America today without becoming a criminal.

You will never know Liberty in America without dismissing many laws, committing many felonies, and being willing to physically fight the men who mean to stand between you and your Creator.

You'd better begin ramping up.

You'd better begin to Click-On.

Every day. Every single day you must become harder, smarter, less affected by the taunt of Criminal! You must become immune to the stigma of their labels. You must take more responsibility for your own Liberty, for it is your Obligation to defend your Creator and His gifts to you.

You must break their rules.

Or you will remain upon your knees, licking the hands that feed you.

That is not a life worth living.

Never before has been being called an Outlaw been more of a badge of honor when it comes to stomping out tyranny.

Be smart about it, you don't just run out and be stupid, they will cut you down before you know what happened.

There is an art to being an Outlaw, there is a certain nuance true Outlaws are born with.
Knowing what they can get away with and when.
It's not something easily articulated.
It is, however, easily recognized in others, especially if you are one blessed with the Outlaw gene.

You can still be an Outlaw and have a strict code of ethics, the law breaking is aimed at those who artificially restrict your liberty and not the population in general.

There is an awakening happening in this country finally, those who would be your masters have overstepped their authority too many times and there are too many innocent victims out there now.
That is going to be their undoing, hurting the innocent. The innocent have relatives and kin.
Some of those kinfolk have seen enough.

Some of those kinfolk have had enough.

Those kinfolk are talking to each other.

Ever day you see another story about police abuse in this country.
Now you are starting to see stories here and there of those kinfolk hunting police and stories about police officers being killed.

Sam Kerodin speaks of patterns in his piece.

Start noticing some of the pieces are falling into place right in front of your eyes,every single day now.

The Revolution is being waged as you read this, that is what those pieces represent.

Here's to a thumb in the eye of tyranny and a great big Fuck You to those who would try to keep you trembling in fear of your own shadow.
That is the only way they are going to win and I see a losing strategy.


  1. Rules and laws? You mean suggestions. I'm often not legal, but try my best to be ethical.
    I have learned the knack.

  2. We now have proof that at least 10% of cops are the stereotypical 'bad apples' that are always blamed when cops violate the Constitution. That's how many of Seattle's cops sued the city for imposing policies preventing them from violating the constitutional rights of Seattle's citizens.

    The question then becomes one of, what is the solution? I don't think rule of gun is the solution, because I study history and there is one inevitable thread that comes up every time in human history that rule of gun has been implemented as the solution to rulers who are out of touch and dictatorial in nature: because the most vile and venal of us have the least compunctions about using a gun to kill people, the most vile and venal of us come out on top of any system where rule of gun is the only law of the land. The end results are rather nasty, and both I and the majority of Americans find that kind of violence to be disquieting at the very least.

    What that implies is that what we need is not a violent revolution, but, rather, a reclamation of democracy at the ballot box. Because, thus far, every single one of the bastards passing all these laws has been elected by the majority of voters in his or her district. But I suppose it's easier to just raise your fist and rant about "The Man" and "The Revolution". It worked so well in the 1960's, after all, which completely overthrew all the governments of the United States and turned it into a hippie paradise. ROFL.

    1. I didn't advocate violence, merely observed what is happening.
      As for voting, that is how we got here.

      All voting does is change the actors, the script remains the same.

    2. more Lib-speak from the peanut gallery


    3. Phil, NOT voting is how we got here. 55% of those eligible to vote do not do so. Of those who *do* vote, they seem to prefer to vote for the most corrupt candidate, the one who accepted the most bribes (err, "campaign contributions"), most of the time rather than evaluating the candidates and voting for the best candidate. Granted there are the candidates who run for office saying they're going to do X and they do Y instead, but I've noticed that most of the candidates do exactly what they said they were going to do when they ran for office. The problem is that voters don't bother to check out candidates' web sites etc. and just vote for the last one they saw on television.

      I, too, am observing that rule of gun is becoming more and more common, both on the side of police officers and the side of those opposed to the police state that is being imposed with the consent of the majority of the populace (and believe me, it IS with the consent of the majority of the populace, the populace is cowering in fear wanting to be protected by these armed goons). I don't see a good outcome. Democracy would be a good idea, but Americans apparently no longer are interested in democracy. I just hope that I'm dead and my ashes in the ground before things break out into an open shooting war and martial law, because American society will collapse badly when that happens, and having lived in a third world nation before, I have no desire to live in another one. Alas, I am far too old to be migrating to a nation that isn't on the verge of collapse, the last thing that most of the world wants is more Americans living there, they view Americans as being violent, ignorant, and rude. I am none of that, but you know how stereotypes are, it doesn't take many Americans living up to that stereotype to validate it to the rest of the world...

  3. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. I forget who originally said that, but it's accurate.

    BadTux, with respect, you're part of the problem. Democracy has no place in the life of Rightful Liberty. Col. Cooper once said, "an armed society is a polite society", and that's why the "rule of gun" is a good perspective to live by.

    Sixbears, if you don't object, I'd suggest your use of the word ethics is the same as using the word lawful. Lawful isn't legal, as you most likely know, it's just difficult to live that way in this "modern world".

    1. There are far more sheep than wolves. In a true democracy, wolves are required to eat grass. That is why wolves do not like democracy and try to overturn it in favor of rule of gun. When the wolves have rule of gun, the wolves decide what they'll have for dinner and the sheep are voiceless.

      The "an armed society is a polite society" quote is actually from a story by a science fiction writer named Robert Heinlein. Which is fiction. Which he did not even believe himself, the narrator who said that was a member of the "polite society" mentioned, but the story itself made it clear that his "polite society" was actually a hellhole of fear where the majority cowered in terror of the minority who were willing to kill with the least of motivations. Which describes "polite societies" like Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan today. I've studied history and examined heavily armed societies and none of them are happy or prosperous societies, they invariably disintegrate into warlordism and terrorism. Do you have a counter-example?

      "Rightful Liberty". Is that the new code word for "terrorist rule by a minority who want to impose their own ideology onto other people by rule of gun"? I seem to recall we used to have words like "Maoism" and "Marxist-Leninism" for that ideology. Same bullshit, different rhetoric. Fuck that shit.

  4. BadTux,
    Me and you have been going back and forth for years now so I know better than to try and argue with you.

    You have probably noticed that since I finally sobered up a couple of years ago my outlook has changed.

    Let me tell you that the die has already been cast.
    The situation we are facing has been decades in the making, we have both been around long enough to remember when it was very different here.

    It is going to be decades in the undoing also.
    Government is truly a leviathan in the sense that inertia is now against us no matter what changes you would like to see.
    It can't pivot anymore, it can only gouge great rifts in the ground as it tries to slow it's momentum and turn.

    There is no fairy tale ending here.

    No one however, truly wants a shooting war, especially the government because the facts are the facts, they are horribly outnumbered and they know this.

    Unfortunately there are certain factions in our government who think that they are going to impose their will by rule of gun and have been upping the ante for quite some time.
    Mere politics do not enter the equation, all people are sheep and they will graze where they are told and at what time they are told on what grass they are told.
    Your Third World dystopian visions are going to come true whether there is a change in government or not, the economic disaster they have been orchestrating is going to happen with or without any more help from the banksters.

    Then the shit IS going to hit the fan and it won't matter what you think about anything because everyone and their dog is going to be doing all they can to survive.

    Since you are such a history buff, please tell me at what period in the history of this country were we not at war with someone, somewhere?
    We Americans are a violent and rude bunch, we would like to be left alone long enough to resupply before the next war comes around apparently though.
    As for your fears of feudalism and Warlords, we already have that, at the local level, the county level, the state level and the national level. If you think that is a false statement I suggest you try and go tell your local, county, state or Federal law enforcement officer that he or she does not have the power to tell you what you can and cannot do.

    Let me know how that works out for ya.

    Like I said at the beginning, we have been going round and round for a long time, you are not going to persuade me to change my outlook because I believe what my lying eyes are seeing and the reality is that the rule of gun is here and now.
    Has been, will be, until someone comes out with a atom scrambler, then we will use those.
    It all started out with rocks and sticks thousands of years ago.
    The only things that have changed have been what weapons were developed along the way.

    1. Thing is, there's been times in this country's history when things have been worse. For example, in the 1870's a minority in the South decided they weren't going to tolerate democracy in their states, and they imposed rule of gun upon the majority, killing the majority if they dared try to vote and evicting the majority-elected politicians from office at gunpoint. They then instituted a rule of terror over the majority, a rule of terror that lasted until the 1960's. I still remember white cops laughing and joking about "nigger-knocking", which is when they did sweeps through black neighborhoods beating any black person they saw out and about.

      Are you truly saying that this was preferable to democracy? I think that's what one of your commentators is saying -- that this rule of gun by the white minority over the black majority of the south was preferable to democracy -- but it's hard to tell. In any event, the solution was more democracy -- more democracy backed with guns, true enough, but democracy nevertheless. The solution was not for black people to start killing police officers. Every time that happens it scares the majority of people (who are sheep) and they then give their police officers more permission to harm people. Sort of like how the events in Ferguson aren't resonating with most Americans. They see a black thug who was deliberately walking in the middle of a street in order to inconvenience motorists just because he could, and they're fine with that police officer shooting him down.

      And BTW, I don't mouth off to armed thugs. That's dumb. Just sayin'. What I *will* say is that our courts regularly rule against police officers who violate the Constitutional rights of civilians, at least here in California. I don't know about your state. But that's not the kind of thing that happens under rule of gun.

      Regarding "the government", I will point out that every single one of the bastards got elected by the majority of the voters in his or her district. "The government" is not a foreign imposition by some alien power. "The government" was installed by We The People, and if "the government" isn't doing its job, We The People have the power to dismiss it at the ballot box. And yes, that happens. Hell, our local school board election is exciting this year specifically *because* that happens, we have a majority on the board that isn't doing their job, and we're sending them packing this year in favor of some former teachers who actually know something about education. It's a shame it took a buncha nonsense to convince good people to run for office, but so it goes. Every single election on my ballot this year had multiple candidates from multiple parties, and some of those candidates were good people who deserve election. If you think you have a choice only of candidate A and candidate B, you need to see about reforming elections in your state, because we no longer have that nonsense here in California -- we run a "jungle primary" where anybody who can get enough signatures can get their name on the ballot and potentially make it to the runoffs.

      And finally, I want to point out that addictive behavior doesn't go away just because someone beats one addiction. There is a reason why at AA meetings the first thing you're supposed to do is say "I am Joe and I am an alcoholic". It is a recognition that addiction is part of you, not something that can be cured. Unfortunately many reformed alcoholics then find another addiction, another obsession, and they gather people around them who are willing to feed and validate that other obsession. I'm not sayin' that this is what you're doing, I'm sayin' think about it. The timing you mentioned is pretty damn suspicious, don't ya think?

    2. Hey Tux?
      That last bit was a little over the top even for you dude.

    3. Well, we've "known" each other a long time here, Phil. And you're right, you did take a hard turn when you got sober, I had never put the timing together like that but when you mentioned it, it was obvious. I'm not in a position to know whether that hard turn is another addiction or not, but it's something to think about, and if you're in a twelve step program, maybe talk to your sponsor about. Not saying that it's the case, but I know I sometimes wonder whether my latest craze (whatever it happens to be this month) is addictive behavior. But that's just having close relatives die from their addictions talking, maybe... so take it as you will. I was just throwing something out there, not trying to accuse you of anything.

  5. Phil,

    Your sobriety has given you a clarity of mind.

    You do know that arguing with a know-it-all gun hating egg sucking Liberal is an useless exercise, right?


  6. Well said my good man! Let us not candy coat this crap anymore. Say it for what it is and drop the pretension that we are not at war.


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