Friday, October 17, 2014

Obama To Name Former Biden Chief of Staff to "Ebola Czar" Post

A job we used to have a Surgeon General for.
We have an interim SG now, a real, you know, like MEDICAL DOCTOR type guy!

Obama to name former Biden aide as 'czar' to oversee Ebola crisis


President Obama will name former vice presidential chief of staff Ron Klain as Ebola "czar" to coordinate the administration’s response to the disease, part of a White House effort to calm fears and quiet criticism about the government’s ability to stop its spread.
Klain, a longtime Democratic political operative, is trusted within the White House as a smart political crisis manager and administrator with experience coordinating government bureaucracy.

The president is in need of such experience. Obama has been under pressure to take more dramatic action as worries about the spread of Ebola have grown -- and spilled into campaign season politics.


So I'm going to guess this political appointee position is for organizational purposes because being a Chief of Staff at one point would be helpful experience for such a task.

The obvious is answer to why this has been deemed necessary can be summed up by the last line of the article above, politics.

 He cares more about his motherfucking political image than he does about getting serious about doing something serious to stop the spread of this disease.

Why the Surgeon General hasn't been out front on this apparently will remain a mystery, much like why they haven't gotten their shit together yet in the face of this known pandemic being spread around like a dose of the clap at a two bit whore house.

It never ceases to amaze me that our government can listen to a conversation from a quarter mile away, can track your every movement using your cell phone and can drop a 500 hundred pound bomb on the head of a pin from half a world away but can't communicate with other government agencies to coordinate what should be a national effort to stop the spread of a disease they knew was coming months ago.

The word clusterfuck comes to mind.

The official response to all this is to put some guy in charge of a fact finding mission basically, instead of getting serious about it and shutting down all entry into this country from known carrier nation members, quarrantining the shit out of anyone who has already arrived and getting the head of the CDC, the Surgeon General and the top medical experts in one room to come up with a way to contain the people already infected so they quit spreading the fucking shit around and pull the collective heads of the top hospitals in the country out of their collective asses to get ready to treat this as is serious as it really is.

There used to be people in this country who knew how to get shit done.
Now we have a bunch of political hacks with a fucking title and who can't buy a clue.


  1. It's a god damn wonder soup lips didn't appoint Julia Pierson to the position of Ebola Czar. That gal can "get r done" ya know.


  2. uhhhmmmm,the repugnants have blocked the SG nominee for 8 months

  3. Anon needs to know the nominee for Surgeon General is no more qualified to be SG than his family GP or veterinarian. He has no special qualifications, he's not an expert in anything, hasn't developed anything innovative. His sole qualification was being a political fundraiser for the guy who nominated him.

    How about we get a really distinguished doctor with a career record of accomplishment instead of a 34 year old political hack?

  4. Surprised to see there's still a DemoTard posting here!


  5. Republicans demanded a czar be appointed. They got one. Hope they're happy, but no, they'll never be happy. Obama could personally find a cure for Ebola and they'd find something to carp about.

    Obama Derangement Syndrome, you see.

    1. groovy, there's two. LOL

      wonder why soup lips didn't appoint Kwame Kilpatrick or Ray "School Bus" Nagin? So many hip hop choices and he went white bread!


    2. Soup lips is good, I was thinking duck lips.

  6. so.let's say they appoint a real doctor to surgeon general...will that instantly cure the world? They are ALL just a pencil pusher anymore

    1. And when he runs out of lead, there's always a rope to push.


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