Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Five schoolchildren had contact with Dallas Ebola patient

Those five kids went to FOUR DIFFERENT SCHOOLS.

Since we are talking about school, do the math.
How many kids have now possibly been exposed to Ebola?
How many family members?
How many co workers of some of those family members?

You get the idea.

All because they don't quarantine everybody coming out of the African Nations known to have Ebola outbreaks.

Can't do that, makes too much fucking sense.

There are some stupid motherfuckers running this country.

Five elementary, middle and high school students who had contact with a man diagnosed in Dallas with Ebola are being monitored, Texas officials said Wednesday.

The children, who attend four different schools, were in class earlier in the week but show no symptoms of the deadly disease and will be monitored at home, officials said.

Also, a health official said information about the patient’s recent travel from Liberia was not relayed to the full clinical team that initially treated him at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on Friday. The patient, who has not been identified, was sent home with antibiotics.

The man was brought back to the hospital in an ambulance on Sunday and placed in isolation. Tests confirmed Tuesday that he is infected with the Ebola virus. He is in serious, but stable condition.

Some have said they are worried about the public health implications of having an active Ebola case in Dallas. Public health officials are searching for all those who came into contact with the patient when he became infectious and will monitor them for 21 days in case they develop symptoms.

The three emergency medical workers who took the patient to the hospital Sunday tested negative for Ebola and have been sent home, the city tweeted. They too will be monitored during the incubation period of the virus.

When the unidentified patient stepped off a commercial airliner on Sept. 20 he did not show symptoms and went to North Texas to visit family members.

We are talking about Hemorrhagic Fever here people, this is seriously nasty fucking shit.

Yeah, let's have some of that running loose.

The incompetence of some people can have deadly results.


  1. Thanks to antibiotics hospitals have gotten too casual about infection control. Can't even get doctors to wash their hands. Of course, ebola and many other diseases are viral and antibiotics don't touch them. Then there's antibiotic resistant bacteria. Isolation is still the best protection and only if it's 100%.

  2. If this ain't the zombie apocalypse then what is it? maybe it's TEOTWAWKI but I sure hope not. Speaking of zombies, the guy in that pic looks as bad as any zombie on the Walking Dead and he is for real.


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