Thursday, October 30, 2014

Because Some People Just Can't Mind Their Own Damn Business


Moe said...

I hope this post don't generate a bunch of candy-ass liberal whining about the "rule of gun", if ya know what I am talking about.

Get a Gun and Learn How to Use It

Curt S said...

Hell, it is not just guns. Look at what and how schools are teaching our kids. Look at any city's government or state, or federal.....they are/have been getting more and more intrusive as to what is "good" for you. When is the last time you saw a kid with a lawn or snow route? Oh, we can't allow that....they might hurt themselves. Used to be if you were a kid and lived on a farm you were able to drive a tractor, operate machinery.....not any more. And on and on. Yes, we have been degraded, Why? Damm socialists and liberals. Damm politicians pass all this crap to get votes.

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