Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Update To The State Trooper Shooting In PA.

That didn't take long.

'Extremely dangerous' survivalist named suspect in Pennsylvania state trooper ambush



The suspect in the killing of a trooper and the critical wounding of another outside a rural barracks is a survivalist who has expressed a desire to kill law enforcement officers and commit mass murder, state police said Tuesday.
Eric Matthew Frein, 31, of Canadensis, Pa., is still armed with the .308-caliber rifle that he used to open fire on the barracks late Friday, State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan said at a news conference where he revealed the suspect's name.
Noonan called Frein "extremely dangerous."
"He has made statements about wanting to kill law enforcement officers and also to commit mass acts of murder," Noonan said. "What his reasons are, we don't know. But he has very strong feelings about law enforcement and seems to be very angry with a lot of things that go on in our society."
Frein was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder, homicide of a law enforcement officer and other offenses. About 200 law enforcement officials are combing the rural area of northeastern Pennsylvania marked by dense forest, but "we have no idea where he is," Noonan said.
Frein lived about 20 miles from the ambush site and lived with his parents until a few months ago, Lehigh Valley Live reported.
A gunman killed Cpl. Bryon Dickson, 38, and critically wounded Trooper Alex Douglass outside the barracks during a late-night shift change, then slipped away.
Authorities were led to Frein after a resident who was walking his dog in a wooded area 2 miles from the barracks spotted a vehicle slightly submerged in a pond and called 911. In the vehicle, police found shell casings that matched those found at the shooting scene, Noonan said.
Investigators also found Frein's Social Security card, a Pennsylvania Game Commission range permit, camouflage face paint, a black hooded sweatshirt, two empty rifle cases and military gear, Noonan said.

How convenient for said suspect to have left his fucking SOCIAL SECURITY CARD in the vehicle!


Another black eye for the survivalist clan.
You would think that someone planning to shoot and kill police officers from ambush might have thought the plan through a little more thoroughly. What a dumbass.
Might as well have left an autographed picture.
I sure as shit ain't condoning whoever did it's actions, just thinking out loud.



Brock Townsend said...

Well, that's a bummer.

parascribe said...

They found shell casings in the car that matched shell casings at the scene?

Moe said...

Black Flag!


sj said...

Maybe somebody read S. Hunter's I, Sniper maybe?

Sixbears said...

What's the opposite of Survivalist?

Curt S said...

something smells.....again

Ro said...

Matt Brackens novel Enemies, there are three parts, uses a similar set up for the villification of 'gun nut' as does Hunters I Sniper.

sj said...

They shut down two of the local schools yesterday, because this guy is still "on the loose".

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