Sunday, September 21, 2014

Got Another Dose of Floyd

I completely forgot my lovely wife had mentioned Aussie Floyd was coming to town a couple weeks ago and that she had bought tickets.

Skip to Friday afternoon and I asked if we had any plans for the weekend and she looked at me like I'm retarded.

I'm tellin' ya, this CRS shit is getting bad anymore.

Anyways, we took one of her sisters and went to Portland for it last night.

I can't get enough of that stuff man.

Excellent show and you could tell they were enjoying the fact that although it wasn't sold out, the people who showed up more than made up for a few empty seats.
Quite the appreciative crowd.
We had GREAT seats too,right in the middle front, box seat section.
Fuck that front row shit, these were Primo seats, the Keller Auditorium has exquisite accoustics and is small enough that you can see everything just fine.
As usual, the light show was worth the price of the ticket and even though most of the fans are old fucking geezers like me now, I noticed quite a few younger folks there.

While I was waiting on the wife and her sister to pick out a T shirt, a young lady and her boyfriend struck up a conversation with me, they couldn't have been much over 22 or 23.

Quite the Classic Rock fans it seems.
When we got to our seats there was a group of 5 kids sitting right behind us, I doubt they were out of High school yet.

I had on my autographed Brit Floyd T shirt from the last show we went to in June and I had all kinds of people admiring it and asking questions.

The ones I wanted to talk to were the Old Timers with the original Pink Floyd shirts but the lobby was a freakin' zoo.

I did get a couple of knowing nods from the older crowd though.

As always, if you get a chance to see either Brit Floyd or Aussie Floyd, GO.
Do not hesitate, you will thank me later.

I was a bit disappointed about one thing though, they didn't play this one;

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