Sunday, July 6, 2014

Patience My Ass

The Cat is Going Outside.

I asked the wife how much longer I had to put up with the motherfucker out in my garage and she said Monday.

Uh, no.
I told her I was letting the damn thing out a day early for good behavior, it hasn't hissed at me for three days now and it is healed up good enough to hit the fucking bricks.

I have the engine for my Sprite tore down out there and the things I need to do to it so I can prep it for new piston rings are going to involve stuff that stinks.

You know, chemicals and lubricants.

I didn't dare go out there and try to do it and just crack the window, that cat would have been scattering shit all over the place trying to get out.

No more.

Bye bye kitty.

It ain't like it's going anywhere now, she is too used to getting fed regularly.

She will be out on the back porch staking out territory and battling the rest of the furballs out there.

The last thing I am going to see from her is her asshole and the bottoms of her feet as she high tails it out the fucking back door.
I think she has been cooped up in there for a month and a half at least.

That's a month and a half I am behind schedule on that fucking car which tightens my jaw no fucking end.
Damn am I mad about that.

That garage is about to become a very hostile environment for fur bearing animals of any description, two or four legged.
Actually, hostile may be a tad bit of an understatement.

Get the fuck out and stay the fuck out while you can do so under your own power.

1 comment:

Grog said...

Sounds like a wrist rocket may be an appropriate secondary plan, if the critter doesn't behave.

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