Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Papers Please. No, Not That One, Not That One Either.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.
How fucking ridiculous is it that Kentucky drivers licenses aren't issued by ONE state agency, but rather by every little podunk local circuit court clerk?

But, back to the main issue that is being ignored here and is just business as usual with the fucking Fed's, the mandatory showing of your identification papers to even enter a Federal building.

Tighter security requirements for driver's licenses could keep Kentucky residents from federal facilities.

When Alex DeSha was making arrangements for about 50 Kentuckians to attend an Environmental Protection Agency public hearing in Atlanta later this month, he found out their driver's licenses wouldn't be accepted as identification.
New security provisions that take effect July 21 will require that people with driver's licenses from Kentucky and nine other states show a passport or some other kind of federal identification, such as a military ID, the EPA said.
And by 2016 the implications could spread well beyond EPA hearings as Kentucky driver's licenses risk falling out of compliance for boarding airplanes.
Kentucky officials have been working to tighten 39 procedures to satisfy the REAL ID Act of 2005, signed by President George W. Bush as a way to make it difficult for terrorists to obtain state-issued identification. Implementation of the act has been delayed several times and Kentucky is seeking an extension from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security until 2016 to comply.
One big issue, said Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokeswoman Lisa Tolliver, is that unlike many states where driver's licenses are issued by a single state agency, Kentucky's licenses are handled by local Circuit Court clerk's offices at 145 locations, making it more difficult to standardize procedures.

If you think going to the airport is a good time, you should go try and visit a fucking Federal building.

It's a blast dude.


Empty your pockets, no knives, no cell phones, take your belt off and throw everything on the belt so it can be X rayed and you get the old metal detector trick.

I almost got arrested once because I had a damn flask of whiskey in my inner coat pocket that I completely forgot about.

It was a Big Deal.

They had to write up an incident report and the whole fucking razzle dazzle. Assholes with guns, everything.

I got lucky and the pricks let me go pour it out in the gutter instead of locking my ass up.

Yeah, that's my idea of a great time.

It really freaked 'em out when I had to go on a service call at a court house and showed up with a bunch of tools and a work radio strapped on.

Another, BIG DEAL.

Cocksuckers threatening me with Felony charges and shit.

I told 'em to take it up with the muckety muck motherfucker that called me there in the first place.

Ten minutes later there was a whole group of chastized Brown Shirts huddled around their precious metal detector giving me evil looks as I was being personally escorted past it by the head man himself.

See, that's the thing about all this security bullshit.

It's all a big show.

False security and every pompous dick head you ever wanted to avoid meeting in your entire life all wrapped into one very expensive package.


Chris Mallory said...

I had that happen at a local courthouse one time when I was delivering some office furniture for a new judge. The idiots working the metal detector didn't want me to take in my tools, including a box cutter. I told them fine. I will leave the stuff here in the lobby. "YOU call the judge and tell him his stuff is here.". They let me in pretty quickly after that.

I have nerve damage that affects my gait and walking. A couple of morons at a Federal courthouse were convinced I was smuggling in weapons attached to my lower legs. They wanted me to pull up my pant's legs and take off my socks. I mentioned ADA and they backed down.

Bridget Magnus said...

I pointed out years ago that if you need a REAL ID compliant ID "for all federal purposes", it was going to interfere with federal courts -- including immigration courts, where *nobody* has a compliant ID because they *aren't citizens*. It could conceivably get to the point where you need a passport to pick up a package at the post office. Oh and here it get's really Kafkaesque: what if you need a compliant ID to get a passport?

And Real ID would not have stopped a single terror attack. Don't forget it:

Anonymous said...

I hear that if you show up with a beard, a turban, and a copy of the Koran, they just wave you right through because they're more skeered of "discrimination" lawsuits than they are of getting blow'd up. Maybe Alex DeSha should try that.

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