Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4,2014 "Independence Day"

It is beyond question that the United States government has abandoned any pretext of following the Supreme Law of the Land.

It is plain for anyone bothering to look that the Federal, State, County and City governing bodies in this country consider themselves to be above the law and will cause you to cease to be at their whim.

The sentence of death is being passed for seemingly ridiculous reasons and there are absolutely no negative consequences for the State sponsored murder of your fellow citizens or the theft of their property.

You have no rights .

My fellow Americans, on this day that we have traditionally celebrated our freedoms and our hard won independence from a tyrannical government over two hundred years ago, I want you to understand that we are in the exact same situation our forefathers were in.

While you are here at this blog today, I want to be absolutely certain that you understand two things.

That there is a club and you are not in it.

That there is a list and you are on it.

Once these hard realities sink in then I suggest you do the following.

There is no cavalry coming to save you at the last minute, no knights in shining armor.

The ideals that founded this country can still be found just about everywhere you care to look though.

All is not lost.

The struggle has been joined and the will to persevere is strong, it is going to be a game of numbers.

There are a determined few who believe they can change this country by force.

I believe those few are outnumbered by orders of magnitude.

I also believe we are about to find out just how badly these people want this change and what price they are willing to pay.

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Robert Fowler said...

It's getting about time for the shooting to start. When it does (not if) there's going to be a shit load of "progressives" surprised that they are the prime targets. Like Santa, make a list and check it twice.

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