Saturday, July 19, 2014

I Made It, Barely

There has been more bullshit going on where I work than you would believe if I told you.
Un possible shit like when my supervisor quit unexpectedly last month and left me and the other guy hanging high and dry on swingshift, they stick a guy who has been a carpenter his whole life and had been there a whopping three weeks to help us out.
That's not the unpossible part though.

He is out of a temp agency just like I was and everyone they hire.

Come to find out, this guy is buddies with the maintenence supervisor.

Here we go.

So after the one guy quits, we are right in the middle of a nasty machinist union campaign, they were trying to unionize the plant, management pulls some corporate horseshit maneuver and says they are going to "reorganize" the maintenance positions.

The NLRB has federal laws stating that they can not change the working conditions in any way after the union has been voted in, which they were, until a fucking contract has been signed.

So this "reorganization" involves eliminating the swingshift supervisor position.

Now they pin up a notice that they are going to appoint a "shift lead" position on every shift and you can feel free to apply for it.

Yeah, fuck you assholes, I ain't a dummy.

What they did was take the title away, the pay scale away and the authority away when they eliminated the position but if you are the "lead man", you are the guy that people contact when they have a problem over the radio or on the company supplied cell phone after hours.

There is a small pay rate increase that goes along with this but you ain't a boss.

What you are is a whipping boy when shit goes bad. Someone who they can tell what they want done but ain't a boss yet is a fucking see something say something motherfucker who is between management and the rest of us peons.

Being the guy with the most seniority on that shift I am absolutely positive that they expected me to jump at this opportunity.

Instead I let anyone with a set of working ears in that whole plant know that I didn't want a fucking thing to do with it.

I have been a "Lead guy".

I have also been a "team Leader", another corporate chicken shit move that is very popular and I have been a "Maintenance Supervisor" for an entire company.

Fuck you, very much.
I want none of it.
It would be impossible for them to pay me enough to put up with that bullshit again.
Being on call 24/7 and getting hammered by management every single fucking day while at the same time babysitting a whole crew of whiny assed titty babies who don't want to do this or do that either.,

Fuck you, been there, done that.

So, the other guy I work with has only been there aboiut six months but has years of experience as a millwright in a lumber mill and is a kick ass guy. Right before all this happened, he was slotted to go to week end graveyard all by himself but that got put on hold.

That leaves the Fucking New Guy.
I mentioned he is buddy buddy with the Super.

Yesterday, the guy in charge of ALL of the maintenance for the whole plant waits until everyone on Day shift has left and sits us down to inform us that this NFG is the only one who put in an application for the Lead position and they accepted him.

The temp guy with zero experience is now the Lead.
He hasn't even been hired permanently yet.

I have been stressed clear the fuck out for weeks trying to keep their equipment running with very minimal support and last Sunday I got called in and wound up there for 13 fucking hours straight.

By the time I got done with that fucking disaster I had used up every last molecule of patience that I posessed.

All week long I have been a complete asshole, yelling at stupid mother fuckers that I have to deal with left and right.
The littlest fucking thing and I am going off. People are making wide circles going around me all week and walking on egg shells.

I am actually trying to train this fucking new guy while also trying to take care of shit my old supervisor used to do and it's just too much.

Right this fucking minute, I am on vacation for nine fucking days. I  shut my fucking phone off so the cock suckers can't call me and if their shiny new " lead guy" gets a phone call in the middle of the night or has some fucking disaster occur next week then thems that created this monster can have themselves a ball cleaning up the mess. They can call me until their face turns blue, I ain't answering.

Sink or swim pal.

I ain't your Huckleberry bitches and have a nice day.

So it may get a bit quiet around here the first part of next week. Going to the beach for two days while the Nephew stays here to take care of all the fucking cats.

No big plans except to avoid any mention of That Place  for nine days and try to recover my sanity.


Sixbears said...

You sound like a buddy of mine, just before his "stabby" incident. Enjoy your time off. You need it.

Grog said...

You'll have time to work on the car now.

drjim said...

Enjoy the vacation!

I got back last week from 10 days in Colorado, and the wife and I were ready to head back there about 10 hours after we got back to Kaliforniastan!

Falcon said...

Have fun and enjoy your vacation.

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