Friday, May 30, 2014

Shinseki Out At VA

As you probably already know.

He is just the latest sacrificial goat in a long list of scandals from this administration.

He will promptly be replaced by someone even less qualified and then the Obama administration will do it's best to make sure everyone forgets all about it as soon as possible.

Modus Operendi baby.


Robert Fowler said...

Congress was about to give Shinseki powers to fire people that were almost God like. Including people in the SES. I think the union slipped Barry a note and told him Shinseki had to go. Got to protect those senior union members even if it cost the lives of a few veterans. The union used to fight for worker conditions and such.Now it's just a protection racket. Step one in fixing the VA is to get rid of the union and make these people accountable for their actions or lack of. I get great care here at the Des Moines VA. The staff and doctors I deal with are great people. It's the people downtown at the federal building and in DC that are the problem. I' in the older category of veterans that they keep putting off in the hope that we will die before they have to pay out. After my last appeal was denied, I had to hire a lawyer. I bet I got 20 letters from law firms allover the country wanting to take my case. It's sad that there is even one law fir with a name like Legal Help for Veterans. I hired them 4 years ago and then in March I had to go for another evaluation, so maybe I'm getting close. After all, I just filed for my benefits 10 years ago. The part that pisses me off the worst about the whole thing is I got a medical discharge from the Marines. I sent for and then sent my Marine (Navy) medical records to the VA because for some reason, they couldn't get them. I really feel sorry for these kids coming back from the sandbox that are damaged both physically and mentally and can't get help. We are the disposable ones.

Comrade Misfit said...

Oh, please. The VA's been broken for decades. Everybody's forgotten that it was Shinseki who ordered that the VA stop stalling on PTSD and Agent Orange claims.

Not to mention that he was the only one who stood up to the Chimperor.

I find it funny that all of the GOPers who were calling for his resignation were the same clowns who keep trying to cut back on the costs of caring for veterans. They're oh, so willing to go to war, but they're not willing to pay the long-term costs of war. Assholes, all of them.

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