Thursday, May 29, 2014

Seattle Police File Suit Against Use Of Force Gulelines Imposed By Justice Department

They got their tits in a wringer in the first place for beating the shit out of everybody, now that there are agreed upon guidelines they are bitching that it violates THEIR Constitutional guaranteed rights?

Irony just fell over dead from head wounds sustained while resisting arrest.

Thugs ain't be happy when they can't be thuggin'.


They finally fired one cop there recently that had over one hundred complaints against him.

I'm thinking they need to find him some company in the unemployment line.

SEATTLE -- More than 100 officers from the Seattle Police Department are suing the city and the Justice Department, claiming their department's new use-of-force policies put them in danger and violate their constitutional rights.

In 2012 Seattle officials agreed to an independent monitor and court oversight of the city's police department as part of a deal with the Justice Department following a report that found officers routinely used excessive force.

The civil suit, which was filed Wednesday, names Attorney General Eric Holder, the City of Seattle, Mayor Ed Murray, City Attorney Pete Holmes, and federal monitor Merrick Bob.

In the suit, the officers claim the new use-of-force policies "unreasonably restrict and burden the plaintiffs' right to use force reasonably required, to protect themselves and others, from apparent harm and danger, in violation of the Second, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution."

The officers go on to say the new rules are impractical and burdensome.

"in some places it is overly complicated and contradictory, in other places overly precise and mechanical, but throughout, requires plaintiff to engage in mental gymnastics wholly unreasonable in light of the dangerous and fast evolving circumstances we face every day," the suit reads.

The officers are asking for an immediate injunction against the implementation of the use-of-force policies and a judgement that the polices are unconstitutional. They also want to be awarded damages for lost time and wages and punitive damages for the "ungrounded maligning of the good work of SPD's patrol officers."

The Justice Department launched a civil rights investigation of the Seattle department in 2011 after the fatal shooting of a homeless Native American woodcarver and other incidents involving force used against minority suspects. A Justice Department report later found officers were too quick to reach for weapons, such as flashlights and batons, even when arresting people for minor offenses.

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Dan said...

The government.....and the agents it employs DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS. If these assclowns aren't happy with the restrictions on their conduct their recourse is clear and obvious.....FIND A DIFFERENT LINE OF WORK.

Anonymous said...

The line now is too thin to tell if it is still blue.

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