Thursday, May 15, 2014

Propaganda Debunking And Information Dispersion

One thing I love about having the internet.

People are waking up and smelling the bullshit in the air.

Almost daily I see transparent attempts by various agencies and individuals trying to spin information in order to influence other peoples perceptions and opinions.

What gives me a small glimmer of hope is watching someone else jump all over these feeble disinformation campaigns and pointing out the facts.

The best part is, I am seeing this more and more often.

A perfect example of these distortions is the inflation index the government issues that doesn't take into account energy and food costs, the two things that affect everyone in a major way.

The same thing with unemployment numbers.

These are attempts by the government to spin absolutely horrible numbers by fudging them.

There are many people out there you can find with a quick internet search that will tell you the true numbers are nowhere near what the government would have you swallow.

The same goes with every governments hit list of things they do not approve of.

Certain people who are trying to live their lives in ways the government would have you believe aren't good or normal.

Take the fact that someone who was called a Patriot in prior ages was a good and noble thing, something to be proud of.
Now the government has put a spin on that to make it have a negative connotation.

Out of the other side of their mouth, they call you a Domestic Terrorist at the same time.

Because you dare to act in a manner that you feel should help shape the country and guide it in a better direction than what the government has decided is best for you.

With the internet, facts can be given and dispersed at light speed to put a spotlight on who is doing what and why.

The government does not like to be put on the spot when they are caught red handed playing fast and loose with the truth and will organize and direct it's resources against you for taking the trouble of pointing out their misdeeds.

This is where unorganized everyday folks can, with a little help getting focused, put tremendous pressure in very publicly painful places in order to cause the government to rethink their strategy.

How many times can you remember watching the MSM blatantly tell the entire population what ever the government wants you to hear, only to discover in the next day or two that it is a complete falsehood and have the real facts presented?

Take for example these Domestic Terrorist Raw Milk producers.

The government would have you believe they are plotting mass murder.

Oh, My God, they will sell you raw milk!
It will KILL you!

I think several thousand years of history proves them wrong, I put my opinion on the internet and BOOM, I'm the bad guy.

Now I'm a terrorist sympathizer according to the powers that be.

They call in a SWAT team, raid the farm, call in the IRS to audit their books and harrass the living shit out of the poor farmer all to prove a point, they are in charge.

Unfortunately for them, a few thousand people get wind of this via the internet and the next thing you know there is a firestorm of indignation and they get very, very quiet.

They do not understand the audacity of someone not showing absolute servility.

They do not comprehend where all this controversy and talk of government reform is coming from.

Are these not The Sheeple we have indoctrinated for so long?

No, we are not. We are informed citizens holding our government accountable for their actions and using the internet to share information and facts to sway public opinion, just like the big boys.

Look for more of this in the future, it is a good thing.

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Robert Fowler said...

In other news; I found out the other day that since I do not like "common core", I'm a right wing extremist. Great, I'm on another list. I think the SPLC should be declared a terrorist organization myself. Who are these people anyway that the .gov is listening to them? They are nothing but a bunch of America hating liberal idiot pisswits.

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