Sunday, May 11, 2014

News Reel Locked Away For Decades Shows Different View Of Hindenburg Disaster. ( With Video)

It kind of boggles the mind that someone would lock up something with such historical significance.

Reading the article, it says it was shown to a select few back in 1987 and then locked up again!

Like no one would be interested?

What was the thought process there?

This is from 1937, it's kind of part newsreel, part documentary. It seems the pilots were having more trouble than people realized, trying to get the thing leveled out before docking, it says they circled around for three hours dumping ballast trying to get it right.

The rear end of the thing was too low and that's what got 'em.

If you are interested, there is quite the article and several excellent photos at the link.

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FrankC said...

I wonder if she had cross-coupled ballast tanks. That would make leveling easier. Unless on the failed landing the ballast was being dumped from all over and not just from the tail. As we saw on the news reel, dumping from the rear had no effect.

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