Monday, April 28, 2014

Why Is This Young Man Smiling?

Probably because he knows there is a large chunk of change in his future after he gets done suing the dog shit out of this fat fucking bastard EX cop and the Knoxville Tennessee Sheriffs department .

For this;

I say Ex cop because the sadistic fuck got his fat ass fired for that little show of excessive force.

The more of these rotten sonsabitches that suddenly become ordinary citizens, the better I like it.
That means the odds of them trying to throw their weight around without the protection of that shiny fucking badge increases the likely hood that they will start serving their true purpose on this planet sooner rather than later.

Worm food.


  1. The evil in this man's eyes is something else. Now charge the sonofabitch!

  2. Another pig eyed prick with a badge.

    I say horse whip the bastard in public.


  3. When are they going to file charges? Any bets?

  4. What is really fucked, is that the other two officers are just going along with his actions with out even trying to stop him.

    All three need to be lined up against a wall and executed by a civilian firing squad while the whole police department stands off to the side watching.

  5. The badgemonkey was fired ONLY because the images made it impossible for the sheriff's office to cover up his criminality. Without the evidence he'd be a hero fornhis assault. The firing was for POLITICAL reasons...the sheriff doesn't want this to be an issue in his next run for office. NO charges will be filed.....NO charges are even being considered as they don't view this conduct as criminal....only politically embarassing. This thug will simply move on to another department somewhere else and continue his sociopathic activities there.


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