Saturday, April 12, 2014

That Cracking Noise You Keep Hearing?

It's not your imagination.

Go read it and if you are not nodding your head in agreement very quickly then you are either willfully ignorant, part of the problem, or both. Here is a relevant quote;

Tyranny leaves lasting scars, and each tyrannical act results in an accumulation of wounds on the public psyche that do not heal. In the end, a single event can become a trigger to unleash a torrent of rage pent up in a population for years or decades.


Curt S said...

Yup, I think the guy has it spot on. I cannot understand the complacency of most people today. There is this "thing" of "Don't get involved." One thing is for sure, imo, it will not get any better until it gets worse. Seems to me the average citizen to day is dumber than a box of rocks. They just do not seem to care! Not to mention the crap that the public schools are raming down our kids throats. It is not is indoctrination plane and simple!

BadTux said...

Here's the thing. We have a built-in revolution every four years. It's called the BALLOT BOX, and contrary to the propaganda, it actually matters. We actually have the government in this country that we want -- and deserve. Just look at the incumbents in the Senate and House. Every single one of them was elected by the majority of the voters in his or her district or state. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

Tyranny requires that government be imposed at gunpoint. A government elected by the majority, by definition, cannot be a tyranny. To say that democracy is tyranny is either un-American agitprop by dark forces attempting to destroy our Constitution, or utter ignorance of what tyranny actually is. A number of my co-workers are from places where they experienced real tyranny. We ain't nowhere near that -- NOWHERE near that. When we start getting governments installed at gunpoint rather than at the ballot box, then, and *only* then will I believe we are on an inevitable slide to tyranny. Until then I will take the lesson of the Revolution of 1800 to heart, when the insurgents overthrew wannabe-tyrants... by getting the majority of the votes to install Thomas Jefferson in office instead of the autocratic John Adams. Votes *matter*. And as long as that is true, the only revolution we need is for moron-Americans to get off their fat fucking asses and vote for the best candidates, not for the ones who accepted the most bribes err campaign contributions to run TV ads bashing their opponents. Claiming that guns are the way to conduct a revolution when you have perfectly good ballot boxes available is the sort of thing that wannabe tyrants who want to install their tyranny at gunpoint say, not the sort of things that anybody who believes in the Constitution of the United States would ever say. Just sayin'.

- Badtux the Patriotic Penguin

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