Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Amazingly Enough, There Weren't Seventeen Innocent By Standers Shot By Mistake

Also no mention if this assclown has a few new knots on his head.

NYPD officer arrested for driving drunk, smashing into cars in Brooklyn

Gary Hershorn/REUTERS

Shieed Haniff, a 30-year NYPD veteran, allegedly ran a police stop while driving drunk.

A city cop was arrested for driving drunk, smashing into cars and speeding through a police stop as fellow officers gave chase, authorities said Monday.

The alleged intoxicated ride by Shieed Haniff, 30, ended Sunday minutes before midnight when he was stopped in East New York, Brooklyn.

Police saw Haniff drive erratically and hit a car, before making a u-turn and crashing into another car, causing injuries for occupants in both vehicles, court papers alleged.

The seven-year NYPD veteran then drove off and plowed through a traffic stop with “police jumping out of the way,” the document said.

( My reaction to this.)

Cops charged Haniff with leaving the scene of an accident, DWI, reckless driving and refusing to take a breath test. He was released without bail, but his license was revoked.

I notice there are no attempted murder charges like there would be for anybody else who made those cops jump out of the way.

Even when these people go completely off the deep end they get breaks no one else would get.


  1. Erm, shouldn't he have been shot four times in the back and once in the head. Or does that apply only in DC?

  2. In NYC they usually shoot 8 or 10 bystanders, then the suspect gets beat senseless and a broomstick run up his ass.

    1. I thought muslims weren't supposed to drink? I can see why!
      Shieed Haniff? That's not Irish.


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