Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sure, That's Real Sexy


The Hell is the matter with some people?


  1. maybe they are into S&M

  2. Must have been rapeling recently and got going a little too quick.

  3. If I got a mark like that I'd put on my best undies and post a photo too, lack of cute ass notwithstanding.

    There are two ways this can happen while rock climbing, and that is indeed the sort of mark you get.
    My pick is she fell while lead climbing, or possibly was top roping but her belayer let the rope get very slack. Either way she got the rope looped around her leg.
    Note the diagonal mark indicating a fold in the skin. That has a sharper edge on the top side, suggesting the rope was pulling away from her attachment.
    The bruise is a lot wider than a single rope, though it is quite possible she had a double rope.
    The diffuse darker mark on the lower edge of the bruise perhaps is from the rope moving downwards during the injury, bursting blood vessels beyond the direct compression zone.

    Rapelling (abseiling) using only her body for friction is another possibility.
    This primitive but occasionally neccessary technique involves passing the rope under her left thigh, across her chest, over her right shoulder and down to her right hand which controls the descent.
    Anyone who might ever need to descend a fixed rope with no other gear should practise this. In thin clothing it is downright painful.
    Likely she went too fast and jerked to a stop, or maybe she just bruises easily.

    -Simon White (FB: simonwhitenz)


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