Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hit The Off Button!

I just worked 23 of the last 48 hours and I hurt from the bottoms of my feet to the base of my skull.

Some of the things I have been doing involve holding 2"X3" solid copper bars 3 feet long up over my head so I could bolt them up to the bottom of something very large and very heavy, while standing on a fucking ladder.

That's just a taste of it, a small taste.

I have been on my feet so long they are literally throbbing right now.

I have shit to do this weekend too but for now it is lights out. Thanks fer stopping by, hit the Blogroll until I can come to again and actually form words in my head that are longer than two syllables.


The whole maintenance crew has been pulling twelves to get this piece of equipment back up and running. Days, swing and graveyard, 24 hours a day.

Everyone is burned out.
I just woke up to find that they had texted me looking for someone to go in again to help the weekend guy fix a compressor.

I'm not available.

Fuck that.

I have other shit to do.


Jess said...

I'd say you've been working on a big ass overhead crane. It's one of those things that demand constant attention and ruin a holiday, due to a turn around.

Phil said...

Actually it's the bottom of a giant Heat Treating furnace. The bottom cover is 18" thick solid stainless steel, 4 feet across, and the copper bars are the electrode connectors.
The bottom cover alone weighs 17,000 pounds.

Jess said...

The only heat treating "furnace" I've ever been around was built by an enterprising plant engineer from a sea/land container, insulation, and a gas fired burner mounted on one end.

They used it to heat treat rail car parts they'd repaired. They were saving money, since the past required a portable unit by a contractor, which they felt cost too much.

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