Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wait For It

A little more emphatic warning next time eh?

I can laugh, I've seen my feet fly up in front of my face as I went over backwards firing a .308 that I couldn't even hold up straight once. I had no idea the thing was going to kick like that but the jerk who owned it did. Should have shot the damn thing from a rest, but no.

I had the sling wrapped around my left wrist and was doing little figure eights with the front sight the damn thing was so heavy.

When the sight got in the middle I pulled the trigger.

I weighed all of a hundred twenty five pounds and it knocked me on my ass five feet backwards.

I hit what I was aiming at though.

I was aiming at the lock cylinder on the drivers door of a junked out 71 Chrysler, about twenty five feet away.
It cut it right in half, top to bottom.
The top half just disappeared.
It went clear through the car and blew a hole out the other side as big as a half dollar.


BadTux said...

Some people failed elementary school science. Specifically, the part about action and reaction. She needed to have her elbows locked and the gun in line with her arms. But I guess moron-Americans and guns are like bears and honey, they just go together that way... said...

the first time I shot a 44mag was one that B. L. (he hand loaded by the stomp method) had. a ruger Blackhawk (three screw I think).
I set down and touched it off "and in slow motion" could see the front sight coming back to hit me in the fore head.

Robert Fowler said...

I have a old K98 that I bought cheap at a gun auction. Some moron had drilled it and cut the stock down. I've been popped in the nose twice by that thing. Both times I eased up on the trigger to take a deep breath. Both times I thought I had released the trigger. Both times, I was surprised when I put my eye back to the scope and it went off, catching me by surprise.

Moe said...

sometimes fucking know-it-all Liberals should just keep their lame-ass thoughts to themselves.

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