Sunday, February 2, 2014

SuperBowl Sunday

Being a Raiders fan, I am having a hard time getting too excited about this fucking mess.

My wife and her boys on the other hand, have about worked themselves into a frenzy because they are Seattle fans.

She is like one step below painting her face blue and green!



I do know one thing, I have hated Denver's ass for many, many years now so I suppose it wouldn't break my heart to see them get their asses whipped.

My wife would certainly be happy.

This Pre Game hype is getting pretty ridiculous.

Do I really give a shit what Bill Murray thinks?

Do you really need to drag a bunch of useless fucking entertainers up there and ask them asinine questions?


I ain't going to worry about any of it though, I'm going to go to work.


  1. I, too, am a long time Raider fan (over 50 years). Now I do not like either Seattle or Denver, but it gave me great pleasure to watch Denver get absolutely hammered and humiliated.


  2. For true entertainment, drag a bunch of those liberal idiot pisswits onto a GALLOWS. Talk about some halftime entertainment. Hell, I might even watch that.

  3. "a bunch of those liberal idiot pisswits"

    I like it. All those that voted Yobama could have a strap laid across their backs first to sweeten the deal?



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