Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Someone Actually Reads This Blog!

I had a very pleasant surprise the other day that was completely unexpected.

As I was going through my Emails, I found one addressed to me from someone that I didn't recognize right away but I didn't just automatically send it to the trash bin.

I decided to open it and then the light bulb came on.

It was from a reader of this Blog who comments occasionally.

For privacy reasons, that persons identity will stay between me, them and the fucking NSA.

The real surprise was that they mentioned that would be coming into town and was wondering if we could meet up as they would like to meet me!

Quite the shock, I didn't know what to think. Sounded reasonable enough so what the hell?

We exchanged Emails and decided on a suitable location and time.

Of course the weather was crappy but I jumped in my rig and took off across town Saturday afternoon.

Sure enough,found 'em right away.

One hell of a nice guy!

I invited him to lunch and after a false start we found a place close by that actually had indoor seating, the first choice didn't.

We didn't have a whole lot of time so we didn't have a chance to really delve into too much but
we had a nice little chat and found out we actually had several things in common.

We talked about our common interests and some about the current situation we find ourselves in regarding our country going down the shitter at high velocity.

I see we are both on the same wave length and I was just tickled to actually meet someone who is.

It's not as common as I would like.

It's unfortunate that he doesn't live close by but he does have a connection here that gives him a reason to be in town occasionally.

I am looking forward to hooking up again and picking up the conversation where we left off.

A real nice guy and he has some hard to find real world skills that could be in great demand at some point in the future.

The web tightens.
I keep hearing about tribe and I find it isn't that damn easy finding folks who are on the same page around here. Apparently he has the same issue where he is at.

I don't know anyone around here and really don't want to know anyone around this immediate area because this neighborhood is right on the edge of a ghetto. Don't get me wrong, it's all a working mans Blue Collar neighborhood on my street and up the hill.
Go down the hill two blocks and it's a whole nuther story though.

The good news is that it is very encouraging to actually meet another Patriot, finally.

If anyone else has the opportunity to be in the area and would like to meet for lunch, my Email is available by looking at my profile.

Just be aware that I work swing shift six days a week so Saturday is generally the best for me.

I am still kind of in shock to meet a real person who reads this Hot Mess of a Blog though...... and actually admits it!


Anonymous said...

The trust issue . . . its difficult deciding on who you can REALLY trust, its why I have avoided PATCOMs in the past. I do agree that tribes will become the answer, its just hard getting started. Very similar to getting married, only without the fringe benefits, lol.

Nothing wrong with finding friends with common interests, at the very least you can associate a 'face' with someone who has a common interest. Thats good.

Anonymous said...

he only reads for the boob pics.....

Anonymous said...

I hope someday I have the opportunity to meet some like minded patriots in my area. Sometimes I feel like the Omega Man. Even my own kin don't seem to get it. Keep up the good work my brother.
I come here for the boobs too.

DoninSacto said...

I really like the way you think. Especially about our nation. You're rants could have come from me.
Oh. yeah, and the boobs.

Mayberry said...

I'm lucky I found Captain Crunch who lives just a couple miles from me. Now we're pretty good friends. Oh, and it was partly due to PATCOM by the way... Also got to meet Uncle Bubba and some other good folks. Bill Nye and I are now really good friends, again thanks to PATCOM. Don't knock it 'til ya try it...

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