Saturday, February 1, 2014

Oooooh, I'm Ascared!!

For all you non mechanic types, let me clue you into the 7th level of FAIL in this picture.

Ya see that big shiny aluminum fuel tank right under the drivers door there?

They might as well paint a huge bullseye on that thing.

Knock a hole in the bottom of it and sit back and wait 'till it quits moving.

Easy pickin's after that.

Friggin' Morans.

Pic swiped from The Grey Enigma.

You do have that place bookmarked, right?


  1. A little fire wouldn't be bad we could have hot dogs and such.

  2. Remember, you don't need guns to protect yourself. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a paranoid gun nut loon. Oh and by the way we've just bought armoured cars to protect ourselves! You really couldn't make it up!

  3. Yep, set that fuel on fire and they will un-ass that thing pretty quick. A little medium range rifle work, problem solved.

  4. a) it's diesel fuel so it won't blow up, b) these auxiliary fuel tanks have self-sealing bladders inside them which will seal any punctures up to 50 caliber, c) they're *auxiliary* fuel tanks, intended to extend the range of the vehicle -- the primary fuel tank is inside. And d) the Border Patrol has a dozen or so of these armored things for dealing with the Mexican smugglers, but that's the only division of the Department of Homeland Security that has any. It turned out that the rumors of the DHS buying thousands of these had no truth to it.

    It *is* true that a large number of local police departments have started buying these things. If you disagree with that, vote out the city council and mayor that voted to buy them, and vote in a city council and mayor that vow to get rid of them. We *do* still live in a democracy, after all. Every single one of the bastards got there because the majority of voters in his or her district or city voted for him or her. You want something different? Don't snark on a web site -- vote the motherfuckers out. Good luck on that, because the majority of Americans *want* to live in a police state. Sigh.

  5. Tracer at 150 yards ?????? Gots a couple boxes laying around....... ;)

  6. I have seen first hand what an EFP(explosive formed projectile) can do to these MRAP while deployed. EFP's are simple and cheap compared to the hundred's of thousands of dollars the MRAP cost. I see them as the greatest waste of taxpayer money to equip our law enforcement agencies with.


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